Inglewood Unified School District administration is trippin’

photo courtesy of the Wave Newspaper

photo courtesy of the Wave Newspaper

Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) state appointed administrator Dr. Don Brann and his right hand Joe Dominguez, are blatantly showing their disdain for IUSD staff, students and community stakeholders as they continue to spend lavishly  on themselves  and hand-picked staff all while telling the media the district is broke. Recent transactions support Brann and Dominguez find money to increase contracts while students and teachers continue to suffer and fear for their safety.


Today an article ran on KPCC’s website discussing the increased amount of Dr. Brann’s personal bodyguard.  He is quoted as saying “he doesn’t want to get hurt here (in Inglewood” which leads this author to assume he feels the City of Inglewood is dangerous.  If it is that dangerous where he needs to spend $350k on his OWN safety, why aren’t our schools secure?  Our own administrator says they are safe but only (8) campus security officers are covering all 20+ schools?  Are Dr. Brann’s safety concerns more important than those working for and attending IUSD schools?  His approval of the expenditure says YES.

Additionally, “Back to School Night” was held last week and was a major success as gauged by the number of  families present as opposed to last school year.  What makes me more upset about the amount being spent on a bodyguard, employees being given $30k extra on top of their already large salary but the condition of the materials being used to teach the students is dismal.  When will this administration spend money upgrading students textbooks?  If the goal is to increase enrollment and test scores, up to date textbooks are a definite step in the right direction.  I took the picture below to share what our students are using in some classrooms.

photo: Urban Girl Media

photo: Urban Girl Media

Dr. Brann is currently seeking community members to fill the two vacant advisory board seats and after receiving twenty-two (22) applications, from those he found undesirable, Brann decided to extend the application deadline through this month.  Word to the wise:  he appears to favor having “Ladera” residents on the board and if you have hopes of running for the full term next year, don’t bother applying.

We have requested comment from Dr. Brann’s office and will update upon receipt.  We did make contact with Karen Foshay, co-author of the KPCC article, who confirmed Dr. Brann was not misquoted.  What isn’t understood is why Dr. Brann would sign a three year contract extension if he truly felt his life was in danger.  Buyout clause perhaps?  Another growing concern throughout IUSD is does their boss care about their safety as well?

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  2. No1Blogger says:

    I am curious from what school these books are from. As a parent involvement and community leader Crozier Middle School, the school does not have these types of books. As a parent, I raise my concerns. Where is 2Urbangirls is getting his/her information.

    • 2UrbanGirls says:

      As you can see the photo was taken last Thursday at back to school night by this author. These are the books students at Monroe Magnet Middle School. I get my information first hand by 1) visiting the classroom(s) my child is enrolled in, 2) talking directly to the teacher in his classroom(s) and most importantly 3) asking to SEE/TOUCH/LOOK THROUGH EVERY book he is being taught out of. I encourage more parents/guardians to do the same. It doesn’t cost to be involved and/or share with others.

      As a “community” leader No.1Blogger I’m sure you are in your child’s classroom just as I am and just because you may not have issues with textbooks at Crozier, doesn’t mean it isn’t an issue elsewhere.

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