Inglewood Unified School District acknowledges 59 PERFECT students

The Inglewood Unified School District is proud to celebrate the achievement of 59 students representing Bennett-Kew, Highland, Kelso, Oak and Payne elementary schools’, who scored perfectly in math or language arts on the 2012 California Standards Test.

The Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program  measures learning in grades 2 through 11. The STAR program utilizes four standard models: California Modified Assessment, California Alternate Performance Assessments, Standards-Based Tests in Spanish and the California Standards Tests (CST), in which the 59 students earned a perfect score of 600.

IUSD has set a district wide initiative to have all schools obtain a score of 800 or better.  The schools listed above have all scored an 800 or above.  Now that you have pledged additional property tax funds (Measure GG)  to the Inglewood Unified School District, and seeing that they are attempting to increase the educational value our children receive, does this motivate you to volunteer some of you time towards the students?

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