Inglewood Teachers Union gets good news

thThe ITA Union wins three major grievances affecting several hard working members of the Union.

The first grievance involving the Inglewood USD hiring nurses from the outside before bringing back two nurses that were laid-off.  Thanks to the help and support of existing members, the Union contacted the two former workers and then informed the District that they violated the contract.  The two workers have been hired back.  Part of the problem was that HR did not monitor the lay-off list.  This was a function of the Personnel Commission and since former State Administrator disbanded the Commission and no one took up these functions, these two employees fell between the cracks.  This grievance is very important since the District is in the process of laying off workers.  The Union has and will monitor every lay-off and the hiring of substitutes and new workers to ensure your rights to be rehired in the proper order.

The second grievance also relates to Kent Taylor.  Last year, former Superintendent McHenry made La Tijera and Parent School officially “Middle” Schools.  By doing this the Union raised the issue that Plant and Office Managers are paid more if they work at a Middle School, such as Monroe and Crozier.  The Union met with the former Superintendent and he asked the Personnel Commission to study the matter and they agreed with the Union position to the upgrade at these two schools.  The Board approved and they were on their way to get the extra salary.  However, then came former State Administrator Taylor.  He rescinded the item. The Union then refilled the grievance and won it with the new Administration.

Lastly, the Union filed a grievance for the Office and Plant Managers at Hillcrest and City Honors.  Both are High Schools but the workers were receiving wages for an Elementary school.  The Union pushed the grievance and finally on Wednesday, April 17th, the District agreed with the Union and properly adjusted the salaries of these members.

These grievances are just an example of what is possible to accomplish.  Even though the District is in the middle of its worst economic financial times, our contract is still in force and the Union will fight to ensure you of your rights.

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