Inglewood NAACP remains quiet on IUSD employees lawsuit

imageOn May 15th five African-American Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) employees held a press conference to announce a lawsuit filed alleging education code violations, age and racial discrimination.  Within the last month 44 African-American IUSD employees have been scheduled to be layed off at the end if the school year.  The Inglewood branch of the NAACP has yet to make comment on the lawsuit but another chapter has pledged support.

The chapter that resonates the most with this author is in Compton.  Executive Director Paulette Simpson-Gipson maintains the high visibility of the organization by hosting political candidate forums, speaking out against gang violence, race relations, education, sex trafficking and prostitution, and most recently working with the Black construction workers against hiring mandates not being adhered to on Metro projects.  Keep in mind I don’t live in Compton anymore so this is off the top of my head, I could be missing something.

Inglewood NAACP.  Well.  I don’t know anything about them or who leads their chapter.  I’m not sure of their platform or where they stand on any issues effecting Inglewood residents.  Because of this, we Inglewood residents, need to support the organization and become more involved.  We can’t look to them for help if we aren’t supporting them.  Everyone in Compton knows that Paulette and Roy Esters (NAEJA) has their back.  Inglewood needs the same.

Thank you to the Ventura chapter of the NAACP for stepping up on behalf of the IUSD employees.  Inglewood residents should consider donating to the organization you’ll never know if you will need their services yourself.


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I am a lifelong Inglewood resident living in District 4. I serve on PTA and School Site Council as Vice-President, for the last 8 years with Inglewood Unified School District. I volunteer on the Wellness Committee for ICEF Public Schools. I am an alumni of California State University, Dominguez Hills with a degree in Political Science. You can find me on Twitter under @CreoleMommie

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