Inglewood Mayor honored at Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast

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CSUN Athletic Director Dr. Brandon Martin delivered the keynote address Saturday at the 17th Anniversary Frontline Soldiers Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser, put on by the non-profit Pathways to Your Future. Dr. Martin spoke about the event’s theme, “It’s time to do more,” as he addressed attendees, including honorees Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson, City of Inglewood Mayor James Butts and LA Police Commission member Matthew M. Johnson. The event took place at the Proud Bird Restaurant in Los Angeles.

Martin challenged attendees to do more by ‘starting where we are,’ taking action, making positive choices and working together.

“I challenge all of you to take the leap and thrust yourself into the abyss of possibility,” said Martin. “The door is already open for you. It’s not opening, it’s not going to open. It’s already open. Walk through it thinking on the level of your purpose, walk through it with a passion to take our young people higher. You have a great opportunity in front of you to serve others by sharing your gifts with the world. Take the leap; walk with confidence through the door and because it’s been unlocked just for you.”

In his position as Athletic Director, Martin spreads similar messaging to more than 350 Division I student-athletes each year, encouraging them to take similar steps towards reaching team, program, department and campus goals of achieving comprehensive excellence.

Pathways to Your Future’s mission is to provide comprehensive education, health and human services to reduce homelessness of underserved youth while promoting youth development and enriching communities of Los Angeles County.

PTYF co-founded in 2000 by Gerald E. Thompson and his wife Linda B. Thompson. PTYF is a non-profit 501 c 3 program for homeless Transitional Age Youth (TAY) ages 16 to 25 and is committed to increase the number of clean and safe shelter, transitional and permanent housing beds with supportive services for homeless TAY.

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