10-08-2013 City of Inglewood Council Meeting Highlights – YouTube

Inglewood city hallHere are the highlights for the City of Inglewood council meeting on October 8th. Video footage can be seen at YouTube City of Inglewood.

A couple of weeks ago a gentleman came to the Inglewood city council meeting asking for his job back at the Inglewood Today.  The gentleman was accused of dumping the Inglewood Today behind the Inglewood Main Library.  He vehemently denied the claims he was dumping the paper.  From his comments at the 10/8 meeting, he is very happy with his employer, Inglewood Today, and the work performed by the council.  This gentleman’s mother is also the head of the senior citizen’s association covering approx. 600 persons.

Another gentleman came to the podium to address the payments for the Inglewood Today.  He commented on his having been ejected from a city council meeting the week prior, which is a violation of his freedom of speech.  City of Los Angeles recently lost a freedom of speech case in federal court a couple of months ago.  He also wanted the public to know about a lawsuit filed against the Santa Monica Police Department, while our mayor served as chief of police, surrounding allegations centered around violations of residents civil rights.

City of Inglewood staffers have been asked to extend furloughs beyond Dec. 2013 in order to avoid layoffs.  Unfortunately, the staff report is requesting layoffs in the parking enforcement and recreation leaders departments.  Recreation leaders are in the Inglewood schools providing services in the after school program and also for the children attending St. John’s Chrysostom catholic school.  Bennett-Kew and Parent Elementary parents led the charge to save the after school program.  Former mayor Danny Tabor didn’t let the after school programs shut down in 2011, hopefully mayor James T. Butts Jr. feels the same.

Parks & Recreation commissioner Willie Agee spoke, as he does every week, about the fantastic job of the council but NEVER about the good work of the parks and recreation staff.  Mr. Agee didn’t address the impending layoffs of parks and recreation staff either.

When the council is voting to approve workforce reduction plans, are their salaries up for reduction too?  A member of the audience made a good point.  Running Inglewood is not a full-time job.  Trash is up and down Crenshaw Blvd.  Century Blvd is ruined due to former mayor Edward Vincent Jr.  Our parks are disgraceful and at one point, Inglewood held community meetings over grant monies to refurbish the tracks and baseball fields in the parks.  Compton put theirs in, where are Inglewood’s?

Councilman newbie George Dotson was questioned about the location of his first town hall meeting being held in a church as opposed to the community room or I-COP center.

If you are an Inglewood resident, who may have a conviction on their record, head over to the South Bay Workforce Center on LaBrea Ave.  They assist with expungement services and hiring of Inglewood residents.

Congratulations to Ms. Anne Cheek la Rose for her appointment to the I-COP center.

View the video footage of council meeting here.







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