Parent Revolution attempting to infiltrate Inglewood Unified School District

IUSDLast week Dr. Don Brann made a great decision in rescinding the layoffs of campus supervisors and custodians.  The layoffs were initially suggested by the previous board but implemented by former interim superintendent LaTanya Kirk-Carter before the end of school year 2012-13.

As you may recall, the city of Inglewood recently held elections where two seats were available on the IUSD school board.  Margaret Richards-Bowers, was on the ticket as a Ladera resident who previously sat on the Ladera Heights Homeowners Association and was a member of the Citizens for Inglewood Excellence in Education who spearheaded the passage of Measure GG. The LA Sentinel endorsed her, along with members of the IUSD advisory board, but she lost.  Her husband Joe Bowers, always conjures up the image of him talking smack to Ms. Bell as she spoke at a board meeting and he was ultimately removed by IUSD school police.

imagesMr. Bowers has now teamed up with Parent Revolution and the Equity in Education Committee (EEC), to hold the state responsible for their mishandling of the takeover of the school district.  You may recall the open letter written by the committee spokesperson, Tawana Horn-Cherry, who regularly speaks at board meetings.  It was also rumored that former Kent Taylor protégé, D’artagnan Scorza was behind the ECC, although Scorza and Bowers are regularly seen together at various city of Inglewood events and/or board meetings, an alliance isn’t too far off base.  Scorza is a former IUSD employee who was brought in by Kent Taylor, although Scorza has no work record in the area of education and/or teaching.  At the same board meeting that saw Bowers tossed out, is the same meeting it was revealed that Scorza’s  organization Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI) and the Young Black Men, received a cease & desist from IUSD that they could no longer operate the community garden nor activities on the schools campuses.

Back in May, 2UrbanGirls pondered “When will the Equity in Education Committee pull the trigger“.  Did 2UrbanGirls speak that into existence?  If you pull the trigger on a school, then construction bond money, you know Measure GG funds, will follow.  It is also no coincidence that the Bowers are allies with a certain local newspaper publisher.

If you have signed any petition at the board meetings, expect your signature to be used in support of taking the failing schools and converting them to charters.  Is this the case over at the latest charter school conversion at LaTijera?

If you have been paying attention to Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) their woes with Parent Revolution are having ripple effects throughout the Latino community.  Many more schools are seeing the Latino parents implementing the ‘Parent Trigger Law’ which is funded by Parent Revolution who is funded by the Walton Foundation.

There is an all out attack on UNIONS and the Latino’s are being USED to further their agenda of UNION BUSTING!  The Walton Foundation, and their non-profit’s are attempting to defame the character’s of teachers in favor of busting up the union stronghold.  Parents are falling for blaming the teachers instead of blaming THEMSELVES for their continued lack of involvement.

There is a war brewing in Inglewood and how much are you willing to bet that the gruesome twosome are attached to Mr. Bowers?   Which side are you on?

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