Inglewood candidate hopes fifth times a charm


Inglewood City Council Candidate, George Dotson

George Dotson has been involved in Inglewood politics for nearly 20 years serving on the City of Inglewood’s Planning Commission.  Serving on the commission is by appointment, not election, so it is quite peculiar that this is Dotson’s umpteenth time on the ballot to represent District 1 residents.

A review of previous elections find that normally Dotson wins the popular vote but always fails to lose in the runoff.  District 1 is home to previous councilman Curren Price, who is now running for District 9 in the City of LA runoff, former interim mayor, Danny Tabor and current councilman Mike Stevens.  So with 20 years of experience serving the Inglewood residents, why can’t he get over the proverbial hump?

Former mayor Roosevelt Dorn was one of Dotson’s biggest supporters.  Going so far as to claim City Clerk Yvonne Horton was up to something when the results did not favor his preferred candidate.

In 2007 Dotson was forced into a runoff with Tabor, with Dorn crying foul about the results and later lost.  In 2009 Dotson was in a runoff again with Danny Tabor and lost.

When Dorn was forced to resign his post, Danny Tabor fought it out with James Butts for mayor, with the latter claiming victory.  Of course, Dotson ran against Mike Stevens and lost.  He is back again in a runoff with Stevens this coming June.  It must be included that in all races George Dotson has participated in, he has received the initial popular vote, but is always defeated in runoff.

What is different this go ’round?  Believing that the residents are aware of his service to Inglewood, they continuously and repeatedly fail to bring him onto the dais.  Here is why, based on my own relatives accounts.

My aunt and uncle are both District 1 residents.  My aunt is heavily involved in civics and regularly attends Stevens town hall meetings.  She is aware that he fights for what his constituents want and was happy to vote for him.  My uncle, on the other hand, isn’t a person who attends meetings, he reads the paper, Inglewood Today News and the LA Sentinel to be exact.  When asked who he was voting for he replied, “…George Dotson…from what I read [Mike] Stevens is a lunatic stalling council meetings…”  when further pressed on explaining how many council meetings he attended and witnessed such behavior, my uncle was forced to concede he attends NONE.

This is why seeking out your own facts is extremely important when casting your vote.  This is why we face costly runoff because people are sheep, my uncle included, who would rather trust the words of someone else as opposed to using his own brain.  Now without disrespecting the names of the paper, it is also critical to point out that when other, non-traditional newspapers and/or blogs start covering elections, to give the other side of what isn’t being reported, they are deemed irrelevant or propaganda pieces.  Well aren’t all newspapers a place to spew propaganda?  Isn’t that why we are taught in school to research and trust your own information?

It is imperative to note that both of the above mentioned papers have regularly supported Dotson to no avail.  Are endorsements even necessary at this point?  If Mike Stevens has truly been voicing what his constituents are asking of him, it will be highly unlikely they vote him out, precedence is in his favor.

I wonder if the Planning Commission authorizes new businesses in the area?  There was some concern about a recent dispensary that opened in the parking lot of a well known community store which is directly across the street from a catholic K-8 school and church.  Do drug free zones only apply to public schools or are private schools excluded?

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