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city of inglewoodHere’s a few community events for Inglewood residents to keep an eye out for and participate in.

CDBG Community Meetings & Survey Help the City of Inglewood Invest HUD Funding

The City of Inglewood recently mailed us out a brochure asking for our input in how CDBG funds will be allocated (spent).  Please click here for dates you can plan on attending to give your suggestions.

Sanitation Inspection Unit

Did you know the City of Inglewood has a sanitation inspection unit?  Neither did I.  Read more about what they do by clicking here.


The City of Inglewood wants your help in reporting individuals who take your recyclables out of the blue containers.  If the residents don’t want this “spare change” why should we drop a dime on those using this money to get by?  It’s not that many recylcing centers in the city to begin with so with Inglewood saying we are financially stable, why are they putting the smash down on dumpster divers?  If you feel inclined to tell on someone, you can look this information up on your own.

65th Annual Memorial Service

The City of Inglewood will be hosting their annual memorial ceremony at One Manchester Blvd (City Hall) in the front lawn area.  The ceremony will take place on Monday, May 27th at 11am.  If you are interested in speaking to any of the candidates up for election on June 11th definitely plan on attending, I am most positive they will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.  For the event flyer, please click here.

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