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inglewood-city-of-champions_designA second letter, authored by Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce Marc T. Little, has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, to refute egregious claims made against the city of Inglewood, in response to city council changing city council meetings to daytime only.  Residents have had mixed reactions to the recent change, yet, Mr. Little makes the case that other local cities follow the same daytime schedule.

Inglewood City Council has the public’s support

To the editor: The Times’ claim that the Inglewood City Council isn’t “exactly welcoming” because it voted to move its meetings to the early afternoon illustrates how little you know about Inglewood and residents’ support for the City Council. (“Inglewood City Council’s new hours aren’t exactly welcoming,” editorial, Nov. 19)

The Times stated that the council took “advantage of a loophole in state election law to approve the construction of a giant football stadium.” This was not a “loophole” — this action by the council is specifically provided for in state law.

The council heeded the express wishes of the more than 20,000 Inglewood voters who petitioned the council to take action on a proposed football stadium. What the council did is follow the law.

The Times states, “The goal should be maximum participation, not what’s best or most convenient for the elected officials.” Many municipalities, including both the city and county of Los Angeles, have day meetings. They are more efficient in maximizing staff work time. Meetings day or night have roughly the same attendance.

It is unfortunate that The Times relies on the experiences of disgruntled gadflies. Our city has been revitalized, and the best is yet to come.

Marc T. Little, Inglewood

The writer is president of the Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce.

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