Inglewood residents support Measure GG, Ladera Heights residents do NOT

 Inglewood residents are working double time trying to convince everyone and their mama to vote on Measure GGMeasure GG will ask Inglewood and Ladera Heights residents, to increase their property taxes to upgrade schools that missed out on Measure K funds.

Should Measure GG pass, please keep in mind:

– Danny Bakewell could get the contract again, thus creating another overinflated cost (they already did this when they constructed LaTijera);

– consider that State Superintendent expects to be in Inglewood for about 2-6 years to balance the budget, well once he is gone, and the board resumes their duties (if 2-6 years is sufficient), then they will get control of this money (eventually);

– are you tired of gambling on your child’s future? (by the time they fix the schools, how old will your child be? will they directly benefit from these improvements?)

Just as Measure K was supposed to be sufficient to handle all the schools, it wasn’t.  So we are being asked, again, to fund the same project?  The other night as I was listening to KJLH, a jazzy commercial came on from the Concerned Citizens of Inglewood urging residents in Inglewood and Ladera Heights to vote yes on Measure GG….well lookey here at what the residents of Ladera Heights will be supporting this weekend:

Ladera Heights High School Information Event 10.30.12

They are hosting an information session on private schools, outside of the IUSD.  This doesn’t surprise me for this is the same bunch of people who wanted to defect from Inglewood Unified School District in favor of Culver City…so much for their support!

Read more about Measure GG and decide for yourself!

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  1. […] The Sentinal was very vocal in its coverage of Inglewood’s recent election campaign and based on conversations with IUSD officials, a certain real estate developer is definitely courting State officials for a new construction contract with the recently approved Measure GG funds. […]

  2. Inglewood resident who supports GG says:

    As an Inglewood resident, I am concerned that your post didn’t actually investigate and give more info as to what measure GG is all about. I had some nice young high school students come to my door, and they gave me great information about measure GG, showed me pictures of why their school needs funds to fix the facilities (classrooms that look like jail cells, lack of books for all the students, bathrooms that are years outdated, plumbing that is falling apart, unsustainable electrical system that is driving up electricy costs, etc). They explained how the funds are not for teachers, not for the school board but specifically for facility upgrades and STEM education improvements. They were excited to talk about the possibility to have been the ones that got this passed so future students of Morningside could even see solar panels on their campus. My question to you is, how is it that the students know more about the benefits than you do? I would bet you don’t even know that this measure is actually different in many ways than measure K. What stuck out to me specifically is significant say the citizen oversight committee will have on all projects. We as citizens can make sure that these projects are done the right way, make sure they stay within budget, and ensure that every school gets what they need. The bottom line is this, the schools in our district are in dire need of help. Morningside high school had a state of the art electrical system in 1942, its 2012 and they are still working from the same one. If we don’t do this, then what your alternative? The district has an opportunity for a fresh start, and Kent Taylor together with the citizen oversight committee can really make awesome change for the current young students, and students in the future. This is for the children, if you can’t support that, if you can’t support them, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    • 2UrbanGirls says:

      As a former student of: Bennett-Kew, Crozier & Inglewood High School, I strongly supported Measure K in the hopes that all of the schools would have significant structural upgrades as the measure called for. As I regularly visit the schools, they look eerily the same as when I was a child roaming those vary halls. School yards are buckling from city trees, linoleum in the bathrooms are pealing and students attend classes in moduless (trailers). Measure K was supposed to address all of these issues, and to date, only (5) schools received Measure K funding.

      Measure GG (click here to read about Measure GG) calls for $90million plus a possilbe addiitonal $20million to upgrade all of the schools with technology, by way of a property tax increase on Inglewood residents. How do we ensure all schools receive their fair share?

      As a member of the District Advisory Committe to Superintendent Taylor, along with serving on School Site Council for Monroe and PTA member at Bennett, we see first hand that Taylor has begun to make significant changes thus far: new business services manager, dismisseing the principal from Crozier, he has removed the head of food services and is looking into the leap programs close to $1million contract for after school services.

      My faith in Superintendent Taylor is not my concern with Measure GG, it is the possibility of these millions of dollars falling back into the hands of the Board that helped get us in this fiscal mess in the first place. Superintendent Taylor expects to be in Inglewood between 2-6 years, giver or take, and unless he is here to see this money disbursed properly, I have grave concerns for the children.

      Total IUSD enrollment has dropped to approx 12k students, in 21 schools, so yes, the district does need to compete with neighboring districts, we just need to make sure the money is spent where its supposed to. Hopefully the Citizens group isn’t compromised of handpicked members by the Board. Matter of fact, how does one join this oversight committe?

      • Thank you very much for adding more context to your point of view. When measure K was up for vote, got passed and was being work on, I was too young to be a part of it. However, I have heard a lot of displeasure from neighbors and family members about measure K. I get it. I understand that measure K’s projects were way over promised and way under delivered. People didn’t know what to do to help fix it because of how it was crafted and because of the antics of those on the board. But I asked them like I asked you, at this point, being that our schools are falling a part, antiquated in ways we can and can’t see, what alternative do we have to fix them? People dont like measure K, but you cant deny that it did have some successes. It didnt do everything we wanted and that it was promised to do, but looking at the things it did accomplish, the measure route can be promising.

        I see it like this, in order for Measure GG to be successful we have to
        1) make sure the objectives meet realistic outcomes that take care of all the schools and we are fantasizing that $110 million can fix all the $350 million worth of problems,
        2) make sure cronyism doesnt infiltrate the projects and the work and things stay in budget.

        Both these things are what a solid oversight committee can ensure. You spoke very highly of the work Mr. Taylor is doing thus far and I am convinced that he would make sure that a solid committee of residents who really care about the ENTIRE district is selected. I dont know how one gets on there right now, but I can promise you this, I will be one of those people and Im sure you will be as well, who will be watching everything. Its our job to make things better in this community, in this district. I know this is one way we can do that. Just one man’s opinion.

        Have a great evening and thanks for the platform

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