Incoming New York City Mayor is a breath of fresh air

1New Yorkers are lucky.  They have quite an impressive incoming mayor, Bill de Blasio.  He handily defeated Anthony and his Wiener to succeed outgoing mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

What makes de Blasio unique is his being a progressive, who is in touch with his constituents needs, and happens to be married to a reformed lesbian.  A reformed African-American lesbian who wears dreadlocks.  His handsome son, Dante, also rocks a HUGE afro.


As my favorite blogger SandraRose so eloquently states, Chirlane de Blasio kills the myth that you are born homosexual and her marrying a man reinforces homosexuality is a choice.   Her blog also points out an article Chirlane written in 1979 for Essence magazine called “I am lesbian” where she “came out” as a gay black woman then In 1991, she marries Bill.


New York is also home to U.S. v Windsor, where the Supreme Court cited it was unconstitutional to define marriage as only between heterosexual couples.  Thus, same-sex marriages have resumed throughout the nation.

Why he is Bill de Blasio good for the City of New York?

Transparency– de Blasio has listed the names of every person who has hosted an event on his campaigns behalf.  Try getting that information out of any one of our local electeds.

Progressive– de Blasio is heralded as a progressive for not only his stance on his issues, but aesthetically, his family represents similar diverse families he represents.

In touch– de Blasio wants to address every issue currently facing his constitutents from transit, safe and complete streets, equality for the LGBT community (insert Charline here).

Immigration– de Blasio fights for the rights of immigrants illegally detained, creating better access to jobs and expanding language access, which creates more transparency.

Bill de Blasio is off to a great start and its a restored faith in voting against the status quo.  We can all learn from New York that its time to elect individuals who not only look like us, but face the same hardships as us.  Electing them is supposed to increase our chances for success through creating new opportunities that afford the city the ability to remain sustainable and solvent.

2UrbanGirls will definitely keep you posted as to how things unfold in the city of dreams!

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