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BC6QAwuCAAMN0mPCatholics love lent season. I recently enjoyed Mardi Gras over at Bourbon Street fish market this past Tuesday, you know, Fat Tuesday.  We party our ass off Tuesday,  then Ash Wednesday we receive our ashes created from last years Palms, and prepare to atone and reflect for the next 40 days, otherwise known as Lent season.  Lent is the  40 days leading up to Easter when we are asked to give up something during this time.  In addition to the no meat on Friday’s policy, this year I’m giving up my pessimistic views of the Inglewood Unified School District. Raised to read the bible for understanding what type of life one should lead, I began to reacquaint myself on how to rid myself of negativity, so that I may emerge from Lent more understanding, more compassionate and less frustrated.  

Proverbs 13:24 – He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.

This passage is deep. You hate your child if you don’t chastise them…hmmm??? I must have read that line 100x. Things became clear instantly. I’ve been giving the IUSD such a hard damn time because of my love for the city that helped raise me.

IUSD gave me my foundation. If any of you have went to an Inglewood School or had your children in one, some of these names may sound familiar: Mrs. Ichinaga, Mrs. Wax, Mrs. Schieldge, Mrs. Strickland, Mr. Rothenberg and Mrs. Howe, all where my teachers as I matriculated through the GATE program IUSD offered. Mrs. Ichinaga was a small woman with a huge heart. She was principal during a time when you could go rogue and take your school by the reigns. My teachers understood the difficulties some children faced at home and showed high levels of compassion towards them.  Finding solace in our classroom, because it was comfortable and welcoming, created an environment conducive to learning.  One where we could escape the nonsense at home and simply be a kid and learn.  Friendships flourished for we not only lived in the neighborhood together we went to school together, many of us walking to school together both before and after school.

Inglewood is home where you still run into former neighbors, classmates, teachers and many are still associated with the area. Working for the city, teaching, business owner or elected official. The reason many seek clarity in the bible is due to our overlooking a major component of life – faith.

Hebrews 11 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. 2 This is what the ancients were commended for.

I was lacking faith in the IUSD. Here I am assuming that because we don’t know what their plans on to turn things around doesn’t mean our state administer and current assistant superintendent haven’t already gotten it together or almost there. The problem with having faith stems from not being able to immediately see it and tired of it taking to damn long.  We’ve become an instant society. Add water and go, and solving real life problems aren’t as simple.

Sure we can get frustrated and hoo bang but why? Lets show our support by being more positive and helping volunteer on campus, lets encourage non-working family members to help with traffic control so the kids don’t have to dodge the cars of frantic parents rushing to work.  Lets make an effort to bring some goodies to the classroom and teacher appreciation day, on the whim, to impress upon the teacher we don’t take you for granted and also showing the kids how to show love.

As we wait for the measure GG funding to come through and we begin to see what our administrators plan of action entails, although our children may not directly benefit in the short-term, in the long-term, we most definitely will.   For you see, it’s the next generation that will be bringing up the rear and if we gen x-ers make it to our promised golden years of 70, these kids will be the ones we encounter at our grocery stores, bank institutions, city halls, emergency services. So looking at the big picture, we have to have faith that the improvements the district plans to make will indeed come to fruition.

I ask the district to consider offering foreign language courses at the middle school level.  By teaching kids a foreign language at an earlier age, they will become more fluent in the language both written and oral, thus increasing their opportunities for higher education and employment.  Mrs. Ichinaga was long criticized for requiring her english learning students to learn through english immersion.  It will also be a great program to draw kids back to the school district.  Bennett-Kew was the #1 school in the district, and test scores remained high amongst all ethnicities, for at least a decade.  Bennett-Kew was also designated a California Distinguised school, as are several other schools in the district.  The best thing

This Feb. 20, 2002 file photo shows Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, speaking to reporters following a visit to Bennett-Kew Elementary School in Inglewood, Calif. After eight years in Washington, Cheney plans to write about  her husband, Vice President Dick Cheney (AP Photo/Krista Niles,File

This Feb. 20, 2002 file photo shows Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, speaking to reporters following a visit to Bennett-Kew Elementary School in Inglewood, Calif. After eight years in Washington, Cheney plans to write about her husband, Vice President Dick Cheney (AP Photo/Krista Niles,File

about our district is we benefit from having Tom Torlakson as our state appointed administrator.

Many of us remember back in 1997 when we heard about the little girl who stopped at the Nevada state line with family, and was sexually assaulted and killed by Jeremy Strohmeyer.  His friend, David Cash, witnessed the assault on Sherrice and never reported it to police, for he wasn’t required by law to do so.  While Jeremy is serving life in prison, David is free to roam the streets.  Tom Torlakson is a former State Assemblyman (D-Antioch),  and he authored legislation which was signed into effect in 2001.  The  Sherrice Iverson Good Samaritan Law makes it a crime to witness the sexual assault of a minor without notifying police.  And without the urging of local black leaders it may not have come to pass, but Torlakson stepped up and did something about it.  I too have faith, he will make the right decisions concerning the Inglewood Unified School District, because he has demonstrated he listens to the community.

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