How will Measure B affect Compton?

 The City of Compton is home to approx. 100,000 residents living over an approx.  8 square miles.  The City is divided into four (4) districts with elections held every four years.  The City Charter states that elections are held at large, with residents able to vote for whomever they wish, regardless of the district they live in.  Measure B aims to amend the City Charter to allow at large elections for the Mayor only and councilmembers being elected by district.  How will this ammendment affect the residents and candidates?  Measure B will be on this years ballot and has the residents unsure of how to vote.  Lets look at the advantages/disadvantages to a yes vote:


  • not being able to vote for your “friend” who lives in the district across the street;


  • cost savings when campaigning;
  • increased productivity in each district;
  • better way to gauge candidate involvement in the district

Running a successful campaign is costly, especially when your materials must cover an entire city.  This new approach, which is already utilized in neighboring Inglewood, should have residents welcoming this measure.  The candidates can concentrate on a smaller area and will ultimately be held more accountable for what positive attributes they are bringing to each district.  Residents will know first hand who the candidates are and can make better, informed decisions when election times rolls around as opposed to voting blindly.

District elections are designed to hold candidates accountable for: actually living in the district they are elected to represent, monitoring and evaluating the progress made in the district by the candidate and may assist with making the recall process easier by requiring less signatures.  They surely don’t expect 8,000 folks to recall you when your district only holds approx. 25,000 individuals (and all may not be eligible voters).

Have you wondered how Measure B will address recalling an elected official?  Sound off below!

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