How much Measure K Bond money is left in the Inglewood USD coffers

IUSDThe Inglewood USD has presented the agenda for this coming Wednesdays Board Meeting.  From the looks of it, more Measure K items are on the agenda for approval that were not discussed at the last Measure K Bond Oversight Committee meeting I attended.  On Wednesdays agenda,

TELACU is slated to receive another contract to perform school-wide services utilizing Measure K funds.

The agenda item states the district held interviews back in July and they list five (5) construction companies who presented bids, but if you recall, TELACU was already approved back on October 26th.  The letter was submitted on the record at the Oct. 26th board meeting and TELACU’s letter was dated Oct. 18th saying they received Mrs. Kirk-Carters request to submit a bid for services.  Is this another example of back tracking?  Does the Measure K committee know about this?  How much money is exactly left to cover TELACU when Payne is the last project on the books?

How do all these Measure K items make it onto the board agenda without first going through the oversight committee?  There are also a number of payments, from change orders.  Why does Payne need to marquee’s while the other schools only have one?

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Other items of interest:

– Kelso parents donated $10k for playworks?  How is that possible when public schools aren’t supposed to solicit “fees” for instruction from parents?  They just passed a recent law about that.  The former principal at Bennett-Kew solicited $10 per family per month to pay for playworks, but the PTA can’t raise funds to provide field trips?  Why do parents have to pay extra for services when fundraising isn’t possible due to Title I monies?

Why does playworks continuously cost IUSD parents additional out-of-pocket expenses because the teachers want the program so they can have a break in the classroom?  The School Site Council at Bennett-Kew is adamant about retaining the program for this very reason, but can’t seem to allocate the funds necessary to cover the costs in its entirety.

– If you are a student of City Honors, Inglewood or Morningside High School, IUSD has entered into an agreement with El Camino College to provide your child with free classes so they can have their AA degree upon graduation from IUSD.  LOOK INTO THIS!!!

Accounts are being setup to receive Measure GG monies

– Business services requested a financial consulting to help close the books

– Another consultant was awarded a contract to ensure the meals the schools provide are up to par

Why can’t Inglewood USD receive these types of monies too?

View the entire agenda here


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  1. Liz R says:

    Regarding Measure K bond, three years ago one of the school board members personally told me that there was no money in Measure K. Previously I attended the IUSD meetings IUSD Administrators and board members were still authorizing projects and money spent in La Tijera K-8 school, now known as a Charter School granted with millions of dollars, however, some schools are still not modernized such: Oak Street Elementary, Inglewood High School, and Morningside High school, and other elementary schools. How much money did IUSD spend on modernizing La Tijera, Hudnall, Crozier, etc. La Tijera stated in IUSD agenda spent more than $120,000,000 millions wow, since other schools in the IUSD district left behind and no capital expenditures. Every time I speak on IUSD agenda item nothing happens before and now. When is IUSD going to change, since the majority is latinos, but we have the minority vote, that needs to change and it is not we it is us.

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