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untitledAs we head into the next wave of political elections in 2014 it is critical to note the importance of the unions.

Unions are typically a significant source of campaign contributions to both sitting and aspiring elected.  Unions typically vote for the person who will look out for their best interests.

Your typical political candidate has some involvement with a union.  Either they are legacy to a former elected official, they serve in the capacity as a union steward/leader/organizer or they are a government employee represented by a union.

The problem comes in when you spend your time defending union employees pay, benefits, pension and retirement and once you become elected, your employees represent the biggest part of your budget.

How do you continue to give the union concessions the city can not afford?  That will be of key concern in both the cities of Compton and Inglewood as contracts come up for negotiation and city revenues continue to slowly recover.  If your city can’t afford to hire new employees to contribute to the pension system, will that create a higher cost to current employees?

Additionally, why are both Inglewood Unified School District and City of Inglewood employees  guaranteed medical/dental for life along with their dependents?  Who put Inglewood on the hook like that?

Remember, your two newly elected officials in Inglewood did NOT receive campaign support from the unions, therefore, the unions have their work cut out for them to get that crucial 3rd vote.

Over in Compton, the union heavily supported Mayor Aja Brown, and with a city in the red, hiring additional sheriff’s to patrol, will the city have enough revenue to maintain benefits as is?  How do you vote against the union and get re-elected?


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I am a lifelong Inglewood resident living in District 4. I serve on PTA and School Site Council as Vice-President, for the last 8 years with Inglewood Unified School District. I volunteer on the Wellness Committee for ICEF Public Schools. I am an alumni of California State University, Dominguez Hills with a degree in Political Science. You can find me on Twitter under @CreoleMommie

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