How did LA County cities go bankrupt before Detroit

detroitLong before the City of Detroit filed for bankruptcy citing $18 billion in debt, a few others declared first.

Since 2010 a total of eight (8) U.S. cities, including two counties, have filed for bankruptcy.  To date only three cities have had their bankruptcies dismissed: Mammoth Lakes, CA, Harrisburg, PA and Boise County, Idaho.

Harrisburg, PA is where we first found out about the rogue judge and his school-to-prison pipeline.  Are cities avoiding bankruptcy by parceling out our children to law enforcement agencies?  Boise filed bankruptcy due to a lawsuit stemming from a failed opening of a treatment facility for teens.  San Bernardino blamed Gov Jerry Brown and Stockton blamed the high number of foreclosures in the area.

They keep whispering Compton will be bankrupt next but with realignment and a lifetime Sheriff’s contract, is this how Compton plans to avoid the same fate?

How in the hell did Detroit amass a debt of $18 billion?  Was this directly due to the bailout of the auto industry?  Were they exempt from paying the City of Detroit in the process?

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