How Asm. Steve Bradford’s bill AB 1407 really affects senior citizens

October 31, 2013

steve bradford

In a press release dated Monday, October 28, 2013, titled “Steve Bradford Earns 100% on Congress of California Seniors Report Card, I was shocked.  100%?  The article highlights Bradford’s work on being the sole author of AB 1407.  The Inglewood community newspaper, The Morningside Park Chronicle, shared a different perspective on the bills actual contents.

The Morningside Park Chronicle discussed back in July how AB 1407 will affect senior citizens.

Bradford’s AB 1407 Guts Basic Telephone Service (July 01, 2013)

City Watch LA issued a follow-up to AB 1407 in September.

Inglewood City Council Balks at Saving Universal LifeLine for Seniors (September 27, 2013)

An excerpt from the City Watch LA article

In 1996, the Moore Universal Telephone Service Act establishes the Universal Lifeline Telephone Service program in order to provide low-income households with access to affordable basic residential telephone service.

In Bradford’s bill AB 1407, there are subtle terms that drastically change the insurance of the Moore Act.

“The bill would state the intent of the Legislature to ensure that California residents have access to technologies and services and to promote technological neutrality by giving lifeline customers the ability to choose the communications provider and service that best meet their unique needs, while encouraging providers to participate in the lifeline program.”

The key words are “intent” and “encouraging.” With AB 1407, there is only the “intent” of the state to “encourage” providers—there is no “establishment” of basic telephone service.

Whose job is it in the Assemblyman’s office to keep their pulse on the city and understand the hot button issues that Inglewood residents vent about, at weekly City Council meetings?  Who is supposed to provide outreach and communications on the changes to laws that directly affect the community?

Communications perhaps?

Assemblyman Bradford gets a fat F for deceiving the senior citizens in the community and not properly providing outreach and communications on AB 1407.

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