Hollywood Park Tomorrow moves closer to reality

Aerial view of Hollywood Park

Aerial view of Hollywood Park

The California Horse Racing Board Sept. 19 approved the license for what will be the final live meet at Hollywood Park, with stabling and training to continue through at least January 2014.

The fall meet at Hollywood Park runs Nov. 7-Dec. 22, with live racing four days a week, the property is slated for development thereafter, though simulcasts will continue to be offered—under the direction of the racing association—at a card casino located on the  property.

Now the only problem is, if the Hollywood Park site was slated for development of home and entertainment complexes, why are the owners and Inglewood elected officials entertaining discussions of a NFL team?

Did Inglewood vote to change the zoning?  Looks like that was done back in 2009 changing the zoning from “Commercial-Residential” and “Commercial-Recreation” to “Major Mixed-Use”. 

Former Inglewood mayor Roosevelt Dorn strikes again.  Wasn’t Dorn banned from politics in 2011?



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