Hawthorne city council to appoint new council member

manningThere is one vacancy on the Hawthorne city council.  November elections saw the only African-Americans, on council with voting authority, removed by the voters.  Residents were not happy with the city’s finances and blamed them.  Especially the former mayor.  

African-American elected officials, around LA County, found his personal issues worrisome and he was abandoned by all of them during his re-election campaign.  He lost handily.

Olivia Valentine was a casualty because she and the mayor typically voted the same.

Council member, Alex Vargas, ousted Chris Brown, the city’s first and possible last Black mayor, and he began his four-year mayoral term last month.  Vargas’ seat is now vacant.

At tonight’s city council meeting, Katrina Manning, presented her reasons for wanting to be appointed to the vacant seat.  The primary reason was she received the 3rd highest amount of votes.

It is also widely known she was a supporter of Chris Brown.

Will the council appoint an African-American to the dais or has the former mayor and council woman ruined it for everybody?

We will know January 19th.

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