Meet Hawthorne city council candidate: Amie Shepard


Amie Shepard wants your vote.   As a candidate for the upcoming election in Hawthorne, Tuesday, November 3rd, Amie says she is running to turn things around.  A realtor by trade, she is a long time resident of the city and is eager to join the dais.  2 Urban Girls had the opportunity to speak with her and although she was very forthcoming in her responses, she refused to answer a very important question.  She was unable to articulate her vision, for the vacant Hawthorne Mall and Robert F. Kennedy Hospital sites.

How long have you been a resident of the city of Hawthorne?

I am a third generation Hawthorne family.  My grandfather was the pastor at Oceangate Baptist Church in Wiseburn for 25 years.  Both of my parents are Cougar alumni, graduating Hawthorne High in the late 70s.  I grew up in the Ramona neighborhood, where I live now on 131st Street.  Previously, I was in North Hawthorne on 120th & Eucalyptus.  Cumulatively, I have lived in Hawthorne for about 20 years.

What event(s) inspired you to run?

I decided to run for office this year to due the poor oversight of our budget, and ultimately our City.  I began picketing City Hall in the early part of the year, calling for Mayor Brown to step down amid his personal financial troubles that were well publicized.  I also called for the termination of City Manager, Mike Goodson.  I don’t see any forward progress on the mall or hospital sites and felt that my business experience could lend itself to moving Hawthorne forward.

Is this your first time running for council?

This is my first time running for Council.  I think it is important to point out that I am not a politician and do not move in the same circles as my opponents.  I am not represented by special interests.  I have a small grassroots campaign, funded by small donations from residents.

What do you see as the biggest issues facing the city, and what is your plan to address those issues you have identified?

I believe the biggest issue facing the City is the budget crisis.  This affects every facet of our City’s operations, including police, fire & rescue, & public works.  The first thing we need to work on as a City is revenue generation.  We need to focus on bringing new, professional businesses to our neighborhoods.  We need to create an environment where businesses feel safe and confident to bring their employees to work, live & shop.  We can do this through Enhanced Enterprise Zones, which would offer incentives to businesses in particular industries with professional wages and a commitment to community.  Los Angeles Times recently reported that California has become the number one State in terms of job growth.  Governor Brown did this with strategic tax incentives to encourage growth in specific industries.  Hawthorne has the potential to tap these progressive companies with amenities like our own private airport, proximity to LAX & LA Harbor Ports.

Why should Hawthorne residents vote for you?

Hawthorne residents should vote for me because I have been their voice in City Hall while our current Council has let a fraudulent budget pass and even defended the City Manager who fabricated it.  We currently have two people running for Mayor who not only approved the fake budget, but voted to keep him in office.  We cannot let our elected officials continue in their pay to play schemes.  It is time for ethical leadership, with experience and commitment to our City.

Find out more on Amie Shepard’s city council campaign on her Facebook page!

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