Hawthorne City Clerk inadvertently exonerates former mayor to urge support of sales tax increase

The city of Hawthorne is running a deficit and City Clerk Norb Huber wants residents to vote yes on Mesaure HH to raise the city’s sales tax.  His reasoning leads this blogger to believe the accusations leveled at the city’s first African-American Mayor Chris Brown, were bogus and exploited to oust him as mayor due to his race, not inability to turn the City around.

Elected as the city’s first Black mayor, Chris Brown faced public scrutiny over his personal finances.  Simultaneously,  the city’s budget was becoming unbalanced and his personal problems were used to validate the city’s financial distress.  Now the council’s mostly overlooked position, the City Clerk, has publicly declared opposing and logical reasoning as to the true root of the city’s fiscal downturn.

City Clerk Norb Huber pens a regular article titled “Hawthorne Happenings” in the perodical Inglewood News.  As a non voting member of the city council, his musings are perceived to be of his own opinions and thoughts on civic matters.  The article that appeared in the October 26, 2017 edition, tells voters the truth that the city’s deficit is due to the city not bringing in enough revenue NOT corruption or mismanagement.

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The former mayor landed on his feet, after a crushing loss at re-election to a full four-year term and is now one of the countries leading cannabis lobbyists.

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  1. Snowqueen says:

    That is the same thing being done here in Compton with our Mayor Aja Brown. She thinks people here do not know or care what she is really doing to our city. She wanted to impost a sales tax before the State did and she did. Now she is trying to push us over with Marijuana coming here. And we don’t want or need it here. A lot of us think she is involved somehow and has some of her own interests at hand.

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