Has the Carson City Clerk gone mad

untitledLong serving City of Carson elected, Jim Dear, is back causing controversy as the city courts the National Football League (NFL).  After once proposing to ban a local newspaper, he is now cozying up to them, in an attempt to defame the city he claims to love.  Now why is Jim Dear avoiding certifying the election?

Carson city council has to vote to appoint someone to the seat vacated by Jim Dear by June 23rd.  If they do not, then a costly special election will have to take place, which Dear is planning on running in.  Allegedly.

Is he allowed to be the city clerk and run for a city seat?  Is that legal?

As the newly elected city clerk, Jim Dear, is responsible for conducting city elections and certifying said results.  As he continues to delay finalizing counting the provisional ballots, he has filed a lawsuit against council, for their attempting to hire former Compton city clerk, Charles Davis, to close out the June 2, 2015, election.

Reached by phone, Charles Davis shared with 2 Urban Girls he will publicly respond to the allegations at Carson’s regularly scheduled city council meeting, today.  He did allude to a derogatory racial epithet piercing his ears.

Commenters in the Daily Breeze related article also discuss Dear’s disenfranchisement of black voters, and possible racism, by removing voting polls from black communities.

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Residents are furious not only for Dear outing the city’s first black city clerk, Donesia Gause, due to his wanting the position to increase his salary and pension but now rumors are afloat he wishes to run for city council in November.

It has been 15 days since the election and Jim Dear is clearly not doing the job residents elected him to do, and appears to be breaking the law.

City of Compton city clerk Alita Godwin was able to finish counting provisional ballots, in the time frame told to the public.  Compton’s election was held on June 2, 2015 and provisional ballots were counted on June 10, 2015.  Certification should occur at today’s city council meeting.

Oddly, the reasons Jim Dear gave for wanting the position as city clerk, was because he didn’t feel Ms. Gause was doing her job adequately, for failing to publicly release state mandated finance reports.  Gause feared reprisal to her donors, if Dear knew who they were.

There’s no truth whatsoever to what she’s saying,” Dear said. “She’s breaking the law. She wants to be elected to city clerk and she either doesn’t know the law or she’s intentionally not following the law. The excuse is make-believe.

Now it appears Jim Dear is breaking the law himself by refusing to certify the election results.  Does he know his job?

Under his leadership as mayor, he has managed to get a street named after him, embarrassed the Daily Breeze attempting to ban them in the city, has fired multiple city managers, and appears to have bias against people of color.

Is this the type of city leadership the NFL wants to be involved with?


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