Has Compton worked out the kinks in their surveillance equipment


Is the city’s investment in surveillance camera’s helping deter crime?  The short answer is no.  Dating back to 2012, the city of Compton has spent millions on installing surveillance camera’s around the city, and in city parks, to no avail.  Crime is up and the rate of solving said crime is down.  Residents are also fuming at City Hall’s assertion that crime in the city is on par with the previous year.  

Compton School Board President Satra Zurita voiced her concerns to a local newspaper about the surge in crime.

“Something as simple as properly maintaining our surveillance cameras will help deter the murders,” Zurita said. “Residents are telling us that the city needs to move faster to improve maintenance and replacement of the surveillance cameras.”

These sentiments were echoed by Zurita’s sister, Janna Zurita, who is on city council, along with newly appointed council member Tana McCoy.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016, at a regular city council meeting, under the city manager’s report, Item #3 was to give an oral/powerpoint presentation on the “city-wide camera project”. Unfortunately, a review of the city council agenda shows the accompanying report has been removed from public viewing.  The backup skips from Item #2 to Item #5.

Highlights of issues with the cameras include:

  • power issues;
  • rain/weather leaks;
  • turned off/inoperable viewing stations;
  • cable termination issues;
  • radio problems;
  • radios going bad

Captain Thatcher also conceded that camera transmittal from Leuders Park to the Compton sheriff’s station is inoperable too.

How is the city addressing the above issues, before spending additional millions of dollars, on a system that isn’t working properly?

2 Urban Girls took these screenshots, showing the information missing from the online agenda.






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