Great Beginnings for Black Babies, Inc.


The mission of Great Beginnings for Black Babies (GBBB) is to reduce infant mortality in targeted communities by encouraging women to seek early and continuous prenatal care and to adopt healthy lifestyles; to promote healthy development and growth of babies and children; to promote healthy and strengthened outcomes for families.

This Inglewood, CA based non-profit is composed of a well-respected Board of Directors, which includes former City Council candidate, Danny Tabor.  The staff is made up of individuals who work to provide outreach to fathers, teen pregnancy prevention and various other services.

If you would like to donate to their efforts, you may visit their website.  This is an established non-profit with an annual budget of $1 million dollars and approx. 32 employees, providing services at area schools.

Morning After Pill.JPEG-07ab0I am wondering what the organizations position will be on the recent news of making the morning-after pill available to 15 year olds with ID?  Time is critical to step up and educate young women about the risks of pre-marital sex and the risks involved with using morning-after pills as a substitute for birth control.

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