Who is running for the City of Compton City Council

(photo: file footage)

(photo: file footage)

Today is the last day individuals interested in running for Council Districts 1 and 4, in the City of Compton, can certify for the April 21st election.  It appears that a certain candidate, who was so distraught over the education our young children, is already bailing on his duties on the school board.  In a couple of short years he wants back on city council?  What happened to “Kids First”?  Are residents happy with his Measure granting the Sheriff permanent residence in “The Hub”?  Here are your candidates who are certified as of today.

District 1

Barbara Calhoun
Kevin Monk
Otha Ray Scott
Janna Zurita

District 4

Terrance Cumby
Charles Davis
Dr. Willard “Willie” Jones
Bryan O. Parker
Emma Shariff

This is gonna be a fun election season!  See you on the campaign trail…

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  1. Robert Ray says:

    With district one, Barbara Calhoun is the only logical choice. Zurita does not live in the district, Monk has a criminal rap sheet bigger than Compton’s debt, and Scott hasn’t even been seen for the last year. With district four, Bryan Parker is definitely needed there. He has more than enough qualifications and some really good ideas to move the city forward.

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