62nd Assembly District Race heats up

62nd District Boundaries

62nd District Boundaries

Election Day is weeks away and the 62nd Assembly district is buzzing from the controversy surrounding many of the candidates. From a seasoned politician, to a trial lawyer and the daughter of a beloved former county supervisor, this race is shaping up to be the race of the year.

Residents in El Segundo, Gardena, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Lawndale & Westchester, collectively known as the 62nd Assembly District, will choose between Paul Kouri, Gloria Gray, Simona Farrise, Mike Stevens and Autumn Burke.

Mike Stevens is a former one term Inglewood city councilmember who represented district 1, also known as Morningside Park (MP). The MP based newspaper heavily supported Stevens in his reelection bid a few months ago, only to be defeated. Coincidentally, this same paper has now endorsed his opponent, Simona Farrise.

Simona Farrise was appearing to be gaining favor among the voters until an online instant background check revealed details of a possible arrest in the early 90’s. Farrise has yet to address the validity of the information detailed in the online report.  Farrise has also failed to meet with any of the mayors, in the district, to discuss issues.  This author attempted to visit the Farrise campaign headquarters, where her warm staff greeted me by locking the door.

Gloria Gray has had much difficulty raising money for an elected official of her stature. Campaign insiders state she has had her hands full dealing with the water drought crisis, however, she has yet to take the time to appear at Inglewood city council meetings to make public pleas for us to conserve. Gray currently sits on the West Basin water board but has yet to implement drought resistant projects for residents to conserve and save water with california friendly gardens nor does she ensure the South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) meets their contractual obligations under their West Basin contract.  Although her record is dismal, at least she has one.

Autumn Burke is young, fresh and has no political experience. Burke has been accused of taking contributions from energy companies and recent campaign mailers are financed by IE’s which are funded by oil.  Although she has worked in various capacities of organizations attached to her parents and running her own business, which where energy related, many question who will really be in control if she is elected.

In this weeks Soulvine offering, Betty Pleasant couldn’t believe the conversation she had with the Ridley-Thomas’ in regards to Autumn.  Pleasant is vehement Autumn doesn’t know any better, but when compared to Gray, what do we have to lose?  It’s a definite sign of the times when you dare tell the truth to a credentialed journalist, such as Pleasant, knowing you’re always on the record with her.  The tide is turning.

We have had to bear the brunt of forgiving politicians for their shortcomings and rewarding them with vote after vote, seat after seat, and at times to our own detriment. As we look to encourage more residents, especially under 40, to participate, it’s time we elect leaders that reflect that youthful spirit, in spite of who their parents are. Even the LA NAACP chapter recognizes the importance of appealing to a younger crowd, but with new President “Minnie”…the jury is still out.

2UrbanGirls looks forward to giving you a more in-depth look at the candidates once we know who is heading to the primary.

Don’t forget to vote June 3rd!

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  1. John says:

    This is a topic that’s near to my heart… Cheers! Exactly where are your
    contact details though?

  2. Carolyn says:

    First of all if you are going to cover a race it is important to include all of the district communities like Athens. Lennox, Westmont and Playa Del Rey. There is life outside of Inglewood and I live here. More importantly,
    Director Gray was a sponsor at the April 19
    Inglewood Rising Earth Day Festival and addressed the water crisis which was taped by the city and where was your coverage since the environment is so important from your writings. Director Gray is also holding another toilet give away that she has held in Inglewood and other district cities on May 30th in Lennox. Integrity in communications reporting to the community is critical.

    • 2UrbanGirls says:

      When I read the Westchester based Argonaut they always leave out Inglewood. If people want to know what the full district entails they can use google and look it up themselves.
      Director Gray and those working for West Basin still aren’t able to tell me exactly where the “Howard Ross-Sexton” section is either.
      Her being at one event isn’t sufficient. Why aren’t ads regularly placed in Inglewood Today discussing conservation? SBCCOG receives a hefty contract from West Basin to promote conservation, along with the dues each south bay city pays them, to do the same thing. Why does she constantly vote to authorize new contracts for entities that consistently fail to deliver?
      Inglewood definitely needs to re-evaluate their relationship with the SBCCOG as Rolling Hills Estates is also preparing to divest themselves from an organization that does bare minimum for the cities they represent. As an Inglewood resident, you should be just as outraged your tax money is being wasted.

    • Carolyn says:

      The good thing about a track record of serving is it can always be checked. and for those who seek factual information on Director Gray who has been serving Inglewood, the 51st now 62nd Districts and with integrity and independence.

  3. Marq says:

    This article is not accurate. Gloria Gray who has been on TV meeting with legislators and mayors up and down the state on water issues was endorsed by the Daily Breeze. Gloria is working on projects to bring 170,000 jobs to California. What’s Autumn Burke working on?… Crickets chirping …. I’ll wait…oh it’s being the fracking princess, taking pics with mommy and collecting checks from republican pacs and oil companies. I think the author of this has a thing for Mike Stevens who is a paranoid schitz who was FIRED by the people of Inglewood. The LA News Group got it right Gloria Gray is the best candidate in this race.

    • 2UrbanGirls says:

      Ok “Marq”…I said Gloria Gray hasn’t attended a City of Inglewood council meeting to address the Inglewood residents. Inglewood Today newspaper has confirmed her non appearance at city council meetings in their weekly “Eye on the City” section by NEVER discussing she was there.

      A thing for Mike Stevens? Sounds like you been speaking to the person I planted that information with…lames…

      Gloria is working on projects to bring 170k jobs to California however even you can’t delineate what those “jobs” will entail. Unless you are discussing the West Basin push for Water Reliability 2020 (WR2020) which wants to desal our ocean water and turn into drinking water.

      Daily Breeze “endorsements” should be taken with a grain of salt…in 2009 they endorsed Bradford over Gray citing her time on the Inglewood Unified School District board

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