Compton Mayor Aja Brown is getting down to business

Compton Mayor Aja Brown is getting down to business to bring reform to the Hub City.  Compton residents can recall a highly publicized mayoral election that took place last summer.    DUring the election the most memorable event came courtesy of KCET’s award-winning show SoCal Connected.


SoCal Connected ambushed the city council over the compensation each of them receive as commissioners for several key commissions in the City of Compton.  It was also revealed that of the 88 cities in LA County, Compton is the only city to receive a month off, in August, with full pay, which described as a “tradition”.

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Newly elected Mayor Aja Brown has taken steps, at this weeks city council meeting, to address this issue.  Brown is asking her fellow council members to review the pay schedule and make it more in line with reality.  Compton also became the second city, behind Carson, to ban fracking in their city.

Mayor Brown continues spreading the goodwill of the CIty of Compton as she will be the keynote speaker at the Pittsburgh NAACP’s 60th Annual Human Rights Dinner on Thursday May 1st.  She will speak on the theme “Wealth:  Affirming the Promise of Yesterday, Creating the Dreams of Tomorrow”.


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  1. Jo Morales says:

    Which meeting (what date) and at what part did she say this? I must have missed it. Have problems viewing meetings online….

    • Robert Ray says:

      I was there when she asked the City Attorney to come back with a report on doing away with those extra commissions that are unnecessary.

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