Screen shot 2012-04-27 at 9.23.17 PMNovember 11, 2015- I have just recently learned that I am being attacked on social media by beleaguered community activist Najee Ali. Without access to Facebook and/or the ability to respond directly, I decided to respond in the form of an officially released statement. [Editor’s Note:  Najee Ali claims to have been assaulted by General Jeff at a recent LAPD Commission Meeting].

It has already been proven that Mr. Ali has slandered and defamed my character publicly with false, unfounded and highly irresponsible claims of me being “a drug dealer” and also calling me “a coward” in his efforts to challenge me to a fistfight (The additionally harmful claims of him also calling me a “thug” are unconfirmed at this time, but my legal team is looking into the matter).

Mr. Ali has also insinuated that I am a member of Black Lives Matter- THIS SIMPLY IS NOT TRUE!!!!! I am, however, a well-established community activist in Skid Row (Since August 2006) who has served as a City-elected official on the Board of Directors for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (2008-2014) where I represented my fellow Skid Row residents. I have also served as a State-appointed official on the California State Department of Public Health, Office of Health Equity-Advisory Committee (2013-2015) and just recently (in 2015) became an LA County-appointed official, now serving on the inaugural LA County Health Agency- Integration Advisory Board (appointed by the Mental Health Commission).

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My efforts to voluntarily serve the homeless in both LA City and LA County, as well as the residents of Skid Row and beyond, are well-documented.

It appears as though Mr. Ali has become frustrated and overwhelmed by the recent nationwide successes by the Black Lives Matter movement. His activist efforts have lately been nothing more than press coonferences to denounce BLM, and more specifically BLM-LA, which happens to have Black women in it’s leadership- even though they state they are leaderless.

As an example of his ineptness, Mr. Ali has, in poor taste, chosen to post photos of the children of at least one of the BLM-LA women on social media sites publicly questioning her abilities as an adequate mother simply because her children often accompany her to BLM activities.

I wonder if Rev. Al Sharpton would publicly say that a Black mother is “putting her children’s lives in danger” because they are by her side at public events? (NOTE: Mr. Ali is a Los Angeles-based member of Sharpton’s Nation Action Network group). The bigger question is, was Mr. Ali insinuating that he may contact the Department of Children’s and Families Services and “report” Dr. Melina Abdullah of Black Lives Matter for the possibility of separating the children from their mother or was he threatening them with great bodily harm and/or inferring to himself causing these three children great bodily harm if their mother continues her efforts with BLM to improve the Black community? …All because he doesn’t respect BLM as community leaders and/or possibly because he doesn’t respect them as Black women?

It is clear that Mr. Ali is beginning to implode. His outlandish claims are becoming more and more alarming. As a cancer survivor, I know firsthand how extremely difficult chemotherapy sessions can be. Maybe it is the cancer that is causing Mr. Ali’s potential fall from grace. I hope Mr. Ali joins me in becoming medically diagnosed as being “in remission” which some call being “cancer-free”.

The Black Lives Matter movement has taken America by storm in only a couple of years. Many long-time activists have joined in with BLM. Others, such as Mr. Ali, have unfortunately chosen to “challenge” BLM for media attention. Without the existence of any of his own actions, activities, town hall meetings, protest marches, conferences, etc. which thereby significantly reduce Mr. Ali’s activist efforts to “ambulance chasing” and “photo-op’s” which is widely looked down upon in ALL activist circles around the world, this will be an almost impossible task to overcome.

Apparently, Mr. Ali has resorted to aggressive and/or desperate tactics, which now include dragging General Jeff into his personal vendetta against Black Lives Matter. He and other members of Sharpton’s NAN group recently held a poorly-attended press conference to “demand” a public apology from Black Lives Matter even though NAN had nothing to do with the coordination of a local town hall meeting at a South LA church with Mayor Eric Garcetti that ended in controversy. So why would BLM need to apologize to NAN? Again, the perfect example of “ambulance chasers”.

Apparently, Mr. Ali’s “beef” with General Jeff goes back to earlier this year when LAPD killed “Brotha Africa” in Skid Row on March 1st. Mr. Ali, who calls himself “The self-proclaimed mayor of Leimert Park” barged into Skid Row’s community-led efforts and started wildly claiming he “started as an activist in Skid Row in the ‘80’s with Ted Hayes so he can ALWAYS come back here”, which totally disrespected, as well as disrupted, the efforts of others.

The current group of Skid Row community leaders, who were also mourning the loss of one of our community’s loved ones” at the time, didn’t take to Mr. Ali’s “I know what I’m doing” approach where he suddenly started organizing numerous interviews with the media and Mayor Garcetti and also released statements without anyone’s approval even though everyone else waited for approval from Brotha Africa’s family and legal team. General Jeff spoke directly to Mr. Ali on behalf of the entire Skid Row community about his disrespectful actions and Mr. Ali has apparently had animosity ever since.

While “Rev. Al” has not commented on any of this (YET), it is unclear as to how much “freedom to speak” his “representatives” have before it negatively starts affecting Sharpton’s “brand” and also his connectedness to LA’s political leaders, but it is assumed that if any of this were brought to Sharpton’s attention, it would immediately garner a “gag order” from Sharpton himself, if not worse.

General Jeff closes with this: I was raised in an era when men proudly defended a women’s honor and it was deemed noble. America has ALWAYS respected gentlemen of this nature and numerous books and movies have been produced over time supporting said notion. That said, while I am not a member of Black Lives Matter, any and all accusers should distinguish between the two and choose whom they are attacking instead of savagely lumping everyone together. The women of Black Lives Matter are the victims of Mr. Ali’s sexist remarks and his constant disrespect towards Black women should not go unnoticed, nor unaddressed (think: Sharpton).

Just because Mr. Ali surrounds himself with Black church leaders doesn’t make him a saint, a preacher nor someone who is morally and spiritually bound to a higher level of Human existence and connectedness to GOD. The true question that needs to be asked is “What did Najee Ali say and/or do when he initiated and instigated a confrontation with the Black women of Black Lives Matter?”

“A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf and Mr. Ali is no sheep!”

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