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What’s the plan?  Gardena residents have a huge task ahead of them.  With the city’s best mayor, no longer on the dais, residents will have to choose a new leader for their growing city.   The current administration has focused most redevelopment on the city’s south end, without much thought given to the north side.  2 Urban Girls found an interesting case study on how Gardena will continue to grow without a redevelopment agency.  The Daily Breeze reports the city has $21 million in reserves and wants to spend $15 million of it on a new police station.  No candidate discussed with the DB HOW they will bring in revenue to replace those funds.

Their first priority will be to hire a new city manager. Soon after, they will have to decide how to pay for needed Civic Center upgrades. The city’s police station is fast becoming obsolete. Its detectives are housed in trailers in the parking lot, and its jail doesn’t meet state standards.

If you are a candidate, and are interested in having your thoughts published on why residents should vote for you, 2 Urban Girls will happily post you response to this question and this question only.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS TO BRING IN REVENUE TO THE CITY and HOW will you work with your colleagues to get it done?

You can answer directly in the comment section.  Please share with a candidate.

Here is a link to the city budget.  Click here.

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