Free Ride over for St. Mary’s Academy

st marysSt. Mary’s Catholic High School was founded in 1889 by the Roman Catholic Church and continues to remain an all girl school.  Unlike other local catholic schools: St. Bernadette’s, St. Brigid’s, St. John the Evangelist, St. Michael’s, Regina Caeli and Daniel Murphy, these schools were forced to close due to the decline in enrollment and ability to attract students.  Junipero Serra was forced to begin accepting girls into the traditionally all boys school to remain open.  I always wondered how St. Mary’s was not in any danger of closing, but was able to install a new track, digital signage and raise tuition rates while other schools struggled.  It appears, Hollywood Park played a major role in the schools survival.

Each year St. Mary’s Academy hosts Derby Day at the racetrack, as the schools major fundraiser, and the previous owners Century Gaming Management Inc. allowed the school use of the space for free.  Therefore every dollar earned from the event went straight to St. Mary’s.  They had to pay zero towards any of the costs and where able to not only receive ticket prices but advertising dollars as well for the brochures they produced.

With Hollywood Park under new ownership by LAX Property LLC, they pumped the brakes on the lucrative St. Mary’s fundraiser.    LAX Property LLC apparently offered St. Mary’s the space at $40/person, but the school would not be able to make a profit, especially considering advertising dollars are scarce, so the school was forced to cancel Derby Day and instead solicit donations from those who would otherwise attend.  Hollywood Park recently laid off many long-term employees, which caused much strife at many city council meetings, so this really isn’t surprising to Inglewood residents who attend city council meetings.

[Hollywood Park Casino might lay off all 600 workers]

Many of St. Mary’s alumni have found success in Hollywood appearing and producing many popular reality tv shows, where some of the shows have filmed on IUSD school campuses.  Hopefully they will spread some love to St. Mary’s because if their major fundraiser is DOA, how long before the school will be too?  Calls to LAX Property LLC have gone unanswered.

Read more about the cancelling of Derby Day and if you are an alumni please register and considering donating to the school.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My Sister graduated from St Marys High School, and was the first African American Female President of the sewing club. My first Girl friend was from St Marys, I will help raise Money. I was a catholic school boy, Mt Carmel High School before I went to Gardena High.

    Ps. I know you guys will that as a surprise.

    Political Chef

    • 2UrbanGirls says:

      Well thank you Chef! I appreciate that. My family attended Mt. Carmel, Verbum Dei and Serra. I am alumni of St. Michael’s Girls High School. They will definitely appreciate the assistance!

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