Fracking Around in Compton

ComptonThe City of Compton residents have been complaining about so many things going wrong its hard to keep them straight.  But, the biggest issues today are the high cost of water and developers being relieved of their financial obligations to the city.  Are the two related?

It is no secret that Danny Bakewell was able to purchase several pieces of Compton real estate for well below market value due to the environmental issues on the property.  By the city selling to Bakewell, he would in turn be responsible for cleaning them up.  It would later be revealed that Bakewell owed the city several million dollars for property taxes on said properties and then the money was mysteriously wiped off the books.

When Bakewell developed the property for Burlington Coat Factory, he made the city pay for the clean up so the property could be developed which further outraged the citizens.  At the same time, Compton’s water bill began to increase…drastically.

The City of Compton has their OWN water department.  That means they should be pumping from their own groundwater source but instead they are getting most of their water from West Basin.  At a recent NAEJA candidates forum, Isaac Galvan made mention of having spoke with West Basin officials who state that no one from Compton has complained about the high cost of water.

Demenno/Kerdoon are drillers and a hazardous waste firm in Compton.  They not only hold regular acitivities promoting the cleaning of the Compton Creek, they also fund practically every candidate who either runs for school board or city council.  Demenno/Kerdoon will also give money to candidates running against each other.  Strange huh?  You must have a lot of reasons, I mean money, to support every candidate simultaneously don’t you think?

[ Corporate donors come up big for Council candidates (2011) ]

Compton community activists I have a few questions?  Are the properties that Danny Bakewell purchased in close proximity to any schools in the area?  Are the properties Danny Bakewell purchased ever been drilled on?  If yes, was it drilled on by Demenno/Kerdoon?  If there is drilling going on around school districts and throughout the city, did the City of Compton and Compton Unified receive money from the state that they are owed to clean the contamination as the law states?  Click below for Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell’s bill on fracking which is currently sitting on the assemblies floor for vote.

[ AB 1323 law on fracking and how cities and school districts are to be reimbursed ]

Fracking is becoming a huge concern for not only does it affect citizens health it also exposed how politicians will sell out the safety of the residents for a dollar.

If Demenno/Kerdoon has been allowed to drill all over Compton then Compton sells said land, would they then overlook money owed off said properties to cover the fracking going on that may have not been legal?  If Compton’s groundwater is contaminated from drilling is this why Compton’s water rates have gone up?

Apparently, residents have been complaining for years that Demenno/Kerdoon has caused them to be sick from their activities.  These issues have been going on dating back to 1990 in the article below that you can click on from the archives of the LA Times.

[ Grant to Fight Oil Refinery Sought :  Funding: Compton neighborhood blames plant for health problems. State money could help residents’ cause. (1990) ]

How much drilling is being allowed in Compton?  Why are elected officials taking campaign money from a company that is hurting their constituents?  Is it any coincidence that a former councilwoman is always discussing a water well in her former district that may be contaminated?  Why are our elected officials selling us out?

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