Former LA Mayor wants to be Governor of California

Gary McCarthy/Los Angeles Wave

Gary McCarthy/Los Angeles Wave

While speaking to local radio host Larry Mantle, of KPCC, former City of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, announced he will be seeking the office of Governor of CA in the next election.

2UrbanGirls remembers when Mayor Villaraigosa began his first campaign vowing to ease congestion along the downtown corridor on the I-110 and surrounding freeways.  That has failed. Upon entering office he managed to lose a great asset in former LADOT GM Rita Robinson who had an extensive history with the city.  She would later leave for a position with the County while rumors swirled about dissolving LADOT.

Although we are seeing an increase in transit and rail services, traffic is at an all-time high.  To add insult, we now have to pay for the “luxury” of riding in the carpool lanes, now converted to tolls.

With car sharing over a decade old in the City of LA, they are just now finalizing a program to create a program that will bring in even more cars in the hopes of reducing them.

We saw a man who publicly shamed his long time wife by committing acts of adultery but still carries her name.  We saw the executive office overlook him as replacement for Ray LaHood as head of transportation.

What are your thoughts on the cities former mayor wanting to be our next Governor?

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  1. PDQ says:

    “What are your thoughts on the cities former mayor wanting to be our next Governor?”

    Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha………hahahahahhahahahahahhahahah…..OMG…can’t breathe……hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Although he’s a legend in his own mind, Antonio can’t pull the wool over the eyes of the rest of the state. He needs to work for a living, pay for his own sports tickets, his own house, car, airline tickets, etc. The man has been living like a king at our expense for years. He needs a good, strong dose of reality.

    • UrbanGirl says:

      The Wave newspaper ran this topic originally and he says he is ready and willing to step up and help anyone who needs it. I think he blew that when it was revealed he only spent like what approx. 20% of his time actually working? He also did nothing for traffic, he helped turn schools into charters in South LA instead of addressing the needs of foster youth who make up a majority of the students.

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