Former Compton School Board Trustee convicted of sex related crime

Skyy D. Fisher appears at his arraignment in a San Diego courtroom with his lawyer

Skyy D. Fisher appears at his arraignment in a San Diego courtroom with his lawyer

Former Compton Unified School Board Trustee Skyy Fisher was convicted today on charges of a sexual nature.

Fisher recently disclosed his homosexuality on social media.

He will be senetenced February 29, 2016 and faces up to eight years in prison.

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*updated 1/29/2016*

I’ve sat back and observed comments on social media about the conviction of Skyy Fisher.  I see this as a teachable moment on the dark side of dating via the internet.

This tale, as outlined in Times of San Diego doesn’t make a bit of sense.

I posed the question “do straight men befriend men, they don’t know, on social media?”  Do they then take it a step further and “get away” together?

The victim “Steven” is clearly gay too.  Why is he allowed to remain anonymous?

What’s equally disturbing about “Steven” is his going out of his way to portray himself as a heterosexual man, but are on a get away with your “mentor”?

It’s convenient this trial took place in San Diego, where LA Journalists would find it more difficult to obtain information and be present during trial.

Those in the community, who relished in this conviction, we’re the first to report it.  I missed that Google alert.

The first post on this blog was about the fundraiser I co-hosted in support of Skyy’s election to the Compton School board.  I believed in him then and I believe in him now.

**updated 2/2/2016**

2 Urban Girls has learned that Fisher’s accuser “Steven” is now an employee of Compton Unified School District.

2 Urban Girls has also requested transcripts of the phone call, illegally recorded by the accuser.

2 Urban Girls will continue to updated you on this case.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Estella says:

    Wow! “Steven” gave Skyy all kinds of mixed signals. I think someone who knew Skyy was gay set him up. That was a vicious takedown. I hope the judge is lenient on Skyy. He deserves it.

    • Admin says:

      I believe the same. I am glad Skyy’s attorney is filing an appeal arguing the illegally recorded conversation shouldn’t have been admitted in the trial.

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