Former Compton mayor due back in court this month

ComptonCityHallx720_2Thirteen years ago, on February 27, 2003, members of the Compton city council were all charged with crimes related to the misues of public money.  On February 25th, only one will be brought back to Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center for a pre-trial conference.  

Filed at Case Number Defendant ID Defendant Name Jurisdiction
Central District BA240392 02 AMEN RAHH General Jurisdiction
Central District BA240392 04 DELORES ZURITA General Jurisdiction
Central District BA240392 03 JOHN D. JOHNSON II General Jurisdiction
Central District BA240392 01 OMAR BRADLEY General Jurisdiction
Central District BA240392 05 YVONNE ARCENEAUX General Jurisdiction
 One has to wonder how the other co-defendants were saved from retrial, one of which recently retired from the Compton city council effective December 2015.
**update 2/8/2016**
Jane Robison, spokesperson for the LA County District Attorney’s office, provided clarity that former Mayor Bradley has two cases pending against him.
Why do they keep fucking with him?



I have discovered that there are two cases pending against Omar Bradley – BA240392 and TA129869.


In BA240392, he is being retried on the two original charges that were overturned: two counts of theft of public funds.


In TA129869, an additional charge of Government Code 1090, conflict of interest, was filed on 2/24/2013. A preliminary hearing has not been set on that charge. The next court date is 2/25/2016 in Department 107 to set a date for his preliminary hearing on that single charge. The retrial will not begin until after the preliminary hearing is completed because we anticipate that the two cases will be combined.


Also, Bradley is the only one of the three convicted being retried. The Court of Appeal affirmed the convictions of the other two defendants. Defendants Zurita and Arceneaux were found not guilty.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Mr Wright says:

    he isn’t being framed this isn’t the movies. someone is trying to make a example out of him for there own benefit. i think its a bigger picture to this and no one is seeing it and most hate they are using him as a pawn. he did his time payed his dues. let it go and find another way to get those u r now after

  2. Thomas says:

    Right? One got to retire, another has a daughter on the current Council. Bradley, Rah and Johnson were all convicted. Doesn’t sound right does it? Of the Two city employees that testified against Bradley, one was just appointed to the Council (McCoy)…and the other held 2 seats simultaneously on the CUSD (Charles Davis). To use a colloquialism this whole situation is shady af!
    The whole point is to get Bradley convicted of corruption/conflict of interest so he can’t run again. Regardless of how anyone feels about Bradley, what they are doing is not right.

  3. Robert Ray says:

    Definitely not fair. I feel this is a frame up.

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