Former Compton battalion chief arrested for suspicion of arson

Marcel Melanson represented hope for the youth in the City of Compton.  Melanson was also the youngest battalion chief in the nation.  Compton residents remember him being at many city council meetings, sitting in the back row, always paying close attention to the discussion.  BET even created a reality show, “First In“, which highlighted the day-to-day activities of the Compton Fire Department as well as one-on-ones with Melanson.

Christina House / For the Times

Christina House / For the Times

With body art and a tricked out lowrider, he was relatable to the community and always worked to educate the youth on being more than a stereotype.  Perhaps he was a threat as a young, qualified male, but, it is very odd that he has been fired from his position and arrested under the auspices of committing an act of arson.

If you know Marcel, you know he has a wife and children so it would be highly unlikely that he would throw away his career and livelihood of his family to “allegedly” commit this act. Many residents where not happy with the possibility of reinstating the Compton Police Department so surely anyone could have burned those radios, but Marcel, it doesn’t add up.

Fired last year for being under investigation of the fire which doesn’t make sense.  The fire department has cameras that would have captured this right?  How does one get fired for being under suspicion?  Even schools can’t fire a teacher for allegedly molesting a student, they are put on leave until further notice.  Why would Marcel be dismissed so abruptly given his stellar commitment to the job and cities residents?  Why wasn’t he placed on leave until the investigation yielded concrete proof?

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