Follow the Money: The Walton Foundation

walton foundationWe all know the Walton family owns and operate one of the world’s most recognizable brands – WalmartWalmart sells products they own through the many companies they own.  They have an advanced distribution system that allows them to keep stores stocked and they are also well-known UNION HATERS

That’s right, they discourage their employees from forming unions to increase their wages and benefits.  Now, the Walton Foundation is investing heavily in organizations like, Parent Revolution, to bust up the teachers unions.  The Walton Foundation is also the money behind the newly popular “Parent Trigger Law” that allows parents to take over the schools. Then they help Ike out by funding Teachers for America.  It has also been documented that many of Walmart employees live in poverty.


Oddly, Parent Revolution is concentrating on schools with high concentrations of Latino’s.  I wonder why?  Was the Inglewood Unified School District so hastily taken over to avoid the same occurrence in Inglewood schools?

What’s in it for the Walton’s to spend millions to dismantle the teachers union?  Do they want the poor, uneducated kids to come work for them for pennies?  Time will tell.

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I am a lifelong Inglewood resident living in District 4. I serve on PTA and School Site Council as Vice-President, for the last 8 years with Inglewood Unified School District. I volunteer on the Wellness Committee for ICEF Public Schools. I am an alumni of California State University, Dominguez Hills with a degree in Political Science. You can find me on Twitter under @CreoleMommie

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