Flags don’t kill people, guns do

flagEveryone and their mama are up in arms over the Confederate Flag flying over the capitol in Columbia, South Carolina.  The Civil War began in South Carolina and whether African-Americans like it or not, the flag is a strong part of the state’s history.  In a gesture, to appease the African-American community and activists, companies like Amazon, Ebay, Sears and WalMart, have all pledged to stop selling confederate paraphernalia in their stores.  2 Urban Girls is not impressed.  Purchasing and/or possessing antebellum memorabilia is a person’s right.   On the other hand, there is no room in our society for media and/or state sponsored racism. 

Media sponsored racism is the Los Angeles Times editorial board writing the Supreme Court “erred” when they ruled the confederate flag will not be allowed on a state issued license plate.

State sponsored racism is the Confederate Flag flying on the roof of the state’s capitol.

Purchasing memorabilia/paraphernalia, in a non government-funded entity, is ones right.

Although the domestic terrorist, Dylan Roof, killed nine African-Americans, and was pictured holding the Confederate Flag, it was the gun that killed those innocent victims, not the flag itself.

Are we to believe racism will magically disappear if the flags are removed from our sight?  Out of sight out of mind?  Yeah right.

Racism, like terrorism, is a belief and not one of us are able to control people’s thoughts.  When was the last time you heard of a Black person, going on a killing spree, because they “saw” the confederate flag?  Not never.

John Crawford was killed inside of Wal-Mart, while holding a toy gun.

Tamir Rice was killed in a neighborhood park because he was seen with a toy gun in his hand.

Amazon, Ebay, Sears and Walmart would impress the public far more, and truly make a difference, by banning the sales of guns in their stores not flags.

Can someone explain why we have the Patriot Act and NSA, to help prevent terrorist acts, yet they couldn’t pick up on what Dylan Roof was preparing to do?

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