Facebooks pours millions into original programming

Facebook has succesfully tapped into the television market with original programming on their new “Watch” tab.  After the success of “Ball in the Family” which follows the life of Lavar Ball and his sons Lonzo, LaMelo and LiAngelo, Facebook recently announced plans to develop another show around NFL star Marshawn Lynch.  2 Urban Girls reached out to reality tv producer extraordinaire Farnaz Farjam, who produces Ball in the Family and Keeping up with the Kardashians, on what makes a reality show “work”.

Farnaz explained the process of getting a show on the air.

“Every show is so different, I have had to launch some shows immediately, some within weeks and have had shows that require 2 to 3 months of prep. In general format shows require a lot more prep” says Farjam.   “Something like Ball in the Family it was zero prep, we wanted to get going right away because the family had so much happening and we didn¹t want to miss the excitement. Now sometimes negotiations and contracts can take a while but there is no formula every show has different challenges.”

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Sports analysts low-key torment the elder Ball, Lavar, who is a constant presence in his sons lives, due to his perceived “cockiness” when it comes to his offsprings talents on the court.  The show offers fans the opportunity to see the softer side of the Ball’s.

“We met LaVar first and right away my producing partner Julie Pizzi and I could tell he was a devoted father and husband and the picture that was painted of him was so far from who he really was we both got excited to show the world the real him.  In addition, the family is at such an exciting time in their lives with Lonzo going into the NBA, Gelo starting College ball on his own and Melo at Chino High all by himself and them launching their BBB brand the content and excitement would be endless.”

With the ever evolving entertainment/television industry, does Farjam see the reality genre of TV ending anytime soon?

“The key ingredients (to TV) are likable characters that are willing to be open, vulnerable and honest, there needs to stakes and character growth.” explains Farjam.

Ball in the Family currently has nearly 300,000 likes on Facebook with more than 400,000 users following the series.

With characters like Lavar Ball and Marshawn Lynch, Facebook is #Winning.


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