EXCLUSIVE: Is the Compton City Attorney covering for a former councilwoman

shenanigansA former City of Compton employee contacted 2 Urban Girls in frustration due to a six-year battle for wrongful termination.  It appears that due to a former city council members involvement, the case is at a stalemate.  City Attorney Craig Cornwell has alluded to the city being at fault, however, the case drags on.  2 Urban Girls has received exclusive documentation which supports their claim that the former council member did in fact orchestrate their termination, so the managers subordinate could be promoted to Grants Manager.

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Former Planning and Economic Development Manager Derek Hull began employment with the City of Compton in 2009, not 2012, as this letter indicates.

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  2. Robert Ray says:

    The City Charter specifically states that no council member can give any orders or instructions to any City employee except the City Manager and City Controller. Any violation of the Charter is considered a misdemeanor. However, the City Attorney refuses to enforce the City Charter and no one else can enforce it. Ever since Mayor Perrodin left, no one (on the dais) even reads the Charter, let alone obey its’ mandates. This Charter is only 15 pages long, but if it were to be followed, Compton would be in a much better place today. Anyone wanting a copy can get one at the City Clerks’ office for only $1.00.

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