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Rockstar games has done it again!  Grand Theft Auto V is the latest in the popular video game franchise with predicted sales topping $1 billion dollars in the first month of sales.  2UrbanGirls caught up with Gerald “Slink” Johnson who plays “Lamar“.  He’s from Inglewood, CA by way of Dumas, Arkansas, and we thank him for blessing us with his first interview!

Good morning Gerald or should we call you “Slink”?

LOL! Now you know you can call me Gerald! We go WAAAAY back! LOLOL! But Slink is fine too, just don’t call me late for the money!

Congratulations on your success starring in THE most anticipated video game this year, in the latest Grand Theft Auto franchise, GTAV.  

Thank you so much! It’s a very humbling experience and I would like to thank God and Rockstar Games for allowing me to be a part of such a prestigious and storied franchise.

For those that don’t know you, how did you get your start in acting?

I got started in acting (professionally) through a good friend of mine, writer/director/producer, Jason Van Veen. We met back in ’93 when I was a janky ass security guard at the Marina. He was a film student at the time and he was doing a final project, called First Impressions, in which he asked me to star, I accepted, we shot it, I saw it and fell in love with acting. I mean, I always acted a fool, but being introduced to the camera is an entirely different animal!

You have guested on several animated shows, including the Boondocks. What is the process of becoming a character?

You know, I just try to understand the character and who he is, also adding my own flavor and having fun with it.

Is the preparation easier than acting in front of the camera?

No, I prepare for and approach them both the same. Both deserve my everything, so I don’t wanna half step on it at all. I gots to make it memorable and enjoyable.

You play the character, Lamar Davis, best friend to Franklin, the one-time robber trying to get back in the game.  Did you have any reservations of playing such a character?

I had no reservations playing Lamar Davis at all. It was fun to be able to bring him to life. Everybody knows a Lamar, a street cat, with the business on some grimy sh*t, but always cracking jokes, keeping the scene fun and light, even in a violent or dismal situation.


2UrbanGirls follows you on both Facebook and Twitter, is that where you hone your comedic skills?

Yes, Facebook and Twitter is where I often release my frustration in the form of ranting and calling things, people and situations in the world how I see them. I have a lot of fun with it. A lot of vulgarity, however, I try to make it a point to be articulate at least! LOL!

2UrbanGirls wrote about you back in April of this year stating  “…you would become a household name”.  You are starring in a $1 billion dollar franchise with GTAV and will be in millions of households as of today.  How do you stay grounded?

Staying grounded is relatively easy because I surround myself with my day ones. Real folks that will keep it 1000 with me and not afraid to say what they feel. No yes men or ass kissers in my circle. Everybody around me is extremely proud and genuinely happy for me, but still tell me I ain’t sh*t when I get to feelin’ myself too much!!! LOLOL! That provides the balance. And besides, I ain’t with that bougie sh*t. We’re all human and all want the same things. I was broke for too long to act brand new. I give glory to God every day for his blessings, because He didn’t have to give them to me in the first place and in an instant it all can be taken away.

We attended Inglewood High School together, alongside Paul Pierce, Harold Miner and Mack 10, to name a few, many students strive for a career in athletics and/or music, why the comedy route for you?

Comedy, art and music have always was natural for me. I’ve always been a class clown! A glutton for attention! Always being taller than a lot of my classmates and growing up to be 6’7″, people always took me for a basketball player, but that was never my thing. I was always uncoordinated and clumsy. When I tried to play, I would get clowned BADLY! So I guess my comedy was born outta necessity to clown a n*gga when they would try to roast me and my athletic shortcomings!


Is there anything else you would like to share with the 2UrbanGIrls readers?

Yo! I have a new show coming soon to Adult Swim called Black Jesus! It’s gonna be EPIC! I’ve probably said too much about it already, but hey… Be on the lookout for it! And to my friends, family and fans, I love you all and thank you so much for your support! I can’t do anything without you!

I thank you for granting 2UrbanGirls this exclusive interview and wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors.

Thank you 2UrbanGirls for having me! It’s a pleasure!! Holla atcha boy! #WOOD #IHSALUMNI #WEDOTHIS

Gerald "Slink" Johnson

Gerald “Slink” Johnson

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