Connecting the Dots: Concerned Citizens of South L.A. v L.A. County

imageSimona Farrise aka Simona Hunt was the former principle attorney with Kazan Law.  The companies foundation is a large donor to the Impact Fund, which provides attorney costs for organizations who wish to pursue litigation for environmental law issues.  One lawsuit they funded caught the attention of this blog, for you see, Ms. Farrise already had connections to the Los Angeles community.

Us Angelenos remember the media circus surrounding a community garden off Alameda. Darryl Hannah chained herself to a tree and others got in the way of bulldozers (Farrise is currently representing individuals who claimed they were hurt as a result of a Occupy Oakland protest).

The Concerned Citizens of South L.A. (CCSLA) were provided lawyers through the Impact Fund and brought litigation to the County of LA over drilling in the Inglewood Oil Field.

To appease the community, and apparently the CCSLA, the Juanita Tate Shopping Center opened  with a grocery store that has been rumored to supply sub par foods.


According to a recent article posted on USC’s Intersections South L.A. blog, CCSLA collects rent as the property manager.  That’s interesting considering they are in litigation with the city of Los Angeles over misspent funds.  Has CCSLA’s original lawsuit against LA County resolved?


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