#ElectionWatch: Fact checking campaign promises

Compton City Clerk Alita Godwin has worked in the same office for 33 years.  First appointed to the position in January 2004, Alita been elected by Compton residents since April 19, 2005.  Prior to the elections in 2013, Compton made the news for not being transparent and taking salaries during a month they held no meetings.  This blog also didn’t mince words when it came to the city clerk not being transparent when fulfilling public records requests.  A short four years later, 2 Urban Girls is happy to report that Ms. Godwin kept her campaign promises and should be re-elected as Compton city clerk.

In 2013 Compton residents, including this author, gathered in council chambers for a candidates forum for candidates for city attorney, clerk and treasurer.

Godwin pledged to automate the clerk’s office and she has completed the first phase of implementing an online public records request system and the next phase will be to have campaign finance forms available online too.

2 Urban Girls contacted Mrs. Godwin for an interview and she happily obliged.

You have been in the clerk’s office since you were a teenager and have rose to the elected position of city clerk.  What do you attribute your success to?

I attribute my success to the elected position of City Clerk to being the “People’s Clerk. By this I mean when I was first appointed, I viewed the position of City Clerk as working for the people of Compton to enhance the City of Compton. I was familiar with the rules, regulations, and City Charter governing the Clerk’s position; therefore, I served the people of Compton as a Servant-Leader. I continue to avail myself with the knowledge needed to serve the people. I have always enjoyed helping people, and this position gives me the opportunity to do just that.

Why do you feel the residents continue to vote for you?

The residents of Compton are very astute. They watch their elected officials to see what they do during their elected term. They watch to see if I am doing the job I was elected to do; if I know my job; if I am available, reachable and touchable; if I respond to the people in a respectful manner; and if I perform my job with honesty and integrity.  I believe the residents, over the years, have observed my character and have seen that I have remained the same. It is for the above reasons I believe the residents continue to vote for me.

What do you feel is the public’s biggest misconception of your office is?

Because of my knowledge of my job and my expertise in performing my duties, I believe the biggest misconception of my office is that some may believe that anyone can walk in and do the job of City Clerk without knowledge of the office.

Don’t forget to vote Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Robert Ray says:

    Thank you for supporting the only candidate that is truly qualified to fill this position. Even though the City Charter does not list them, there are many prerequisites that a City Clerk should have in order to do the job properly. No other candidates has those prerequisites to my knowledge. There are those who are trying to discredit Mrs. Godwin, but those of us who know her and know the truth will stand behind and beside her so that she will be reelected our City Clerk.

  2. ARTRA WYNN says:

    I’m so glad 2urbangirls took the time to get the details and get this one right. Alita Godwin is the right person for this job. Her only alliance is to God. Therefore at the end of the she leaves her job with her head held up high. Her record speaks for itself.

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