Election Watch: Inglewood Unified School District

Inglewood High bathroom off gymnasium (photo: Urban Girl Media/January 31, 2017)

Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) has received a combined total of $100 million to make repairs to the schools.  The money comes from LAWA ($10 million in 2015) and voters passing Measure GG ($90 million in 2012).  2 Urban Girls reported that deficiencies still exist in campus bathrooms, despite the influx of cash.  IUSD candidate Dionne Faulk, and Meaussre GG Oversight Committee member, is asking for residents votes, however, she has yet to offer up an explanation on why the state administrator is penny pinching on the repairs?  Is she outraged at the conditions?

The Measure GG Oversight Committee held a meeting this week that highlighted the budget.  It was reported the state has only spent $200,000 on school repairs.  Citing the need for parents to “see” something, it was announced $40 million would be spent to rebuild Monroe Magnet Middle School.  Current enrollment is enough to sustain both a principal and vice principal.

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Monroe is home to a brand new gymnasium built with Measure K money yet across from it lies a row of dilapidated bungalows.

Committee Member and legal counsel for Faithful Central Baptist Church, Marc Little, announced his “Jewish” friends has money for the district.  He is also a proud Republican.

Majority of Measure K money went towards LaTijera and now the majority of Measure GG will revolve around Monroe.  When will the rest of the district see improvements us parents can “see”?

Otherwise it appears as though the state is encouraging our declining enrollment with the non equitable distribution of school repair monies to all schools.

According to voting data, record breaking numbers passed the bond with nearly 32,000 people voting “yes” and only 5,000 saying “no”.

Don’t forget to vote April 4th.

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