Election Watch: City of Inglewood

City of Inglewood primary elections will take place Tuesday, April 4th.  2 Urban Girls is happy to provide an update on Inglewood School Board and candidates for District 1.

Inglewood school board

The city of Inglewood was in a low key uproar at our article “Is Inglewood Unified School District being intentionally sabatoged“?  The article delved into many material falseshoods of the truth, involving comments attributed to community leaders.

This author has to write unfavorable posts, from time to time, to alert you the voter, of what is going on.  2 Urban Girls has alerted you to the LA County District Attorney’s office ongoing investigation of allegations of forgery surrounding the dissolving of the charter at City Honors and LACOE’s board of trustees getting an earful from those listed in meeting minutes as being in support of a new charter high school.  They demanded a retraction and amendment to the minutes and 2 Urban Girls will follow up to ensure its done.

These are the types of actions that when things go South, they are revived as “proof” of support.

Without this blog uncovering this, the minutes would remain incorrect.  IUSD school board advisory member D’artagnan Scorza is a trusted member of the community.  LACOE needs to do better in ensuring meeting minutes are recorded factually.  Perhaps the purchasing of a tape recorder is in order.

Candidates Odest Riley Jr. and Dionne Faulk are both running clean campaigns with no slander or mudslinging.  We are still waiting to hear if any groups associated with IUSD (ITA, PTA, etc.) have any candidates forums scheduled.  It would be a shame.  The district expects SOME local control to return in a couple of years.

District 1

This race is gearing up to be a run-off between incumbent George Dotson and Maxine Toler.  Toler was instrumental in the election of Dotson and he returned the favor by having her be one of the “faces” of the Hollywood Park Stadium Initiative.

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Voters have alerted City Clerk Yvonne Horton of issues with ballots to vote for a District 1 candidate.  Apparently there were no bubbles next to the candidates name.  No issues were reported for the remainder of the ballot.

Election consultants Martin & Chapman have rectified the error and issued new ballots.  What we don’t know is what happens to the ballots that are returned?

Don’t forget to vote April 4th Inglewood.


2 Responses so far.

  1. Milton Randle says:

    “…Scorza is a trusted member of the community.” This is your statement today. Yesterday, you made him sound like a corrupted politician. What is this game you are playing? Because that’s what it appears to be: a game you are playing – and at who’s expense?
    I spent some time on your site, reading your blogs, your opinions, your innuendos, your half-truths and your alternative facts. I read your disclaimer, “our articles and tweets represent the opinions of two urban girls and I are not necessarily fact.”

    This blog-oriented, social media society – more about opinions than facts – we have lost the ability, it appears, to distinguish between fact and fiction. Opinions masquerading as journalism have seized the day!

    It is not that you are negative. You are divisive. This is not what our community needs and I think you know it. LarrGwen Goodman’s commentary on next-door was addressed to you. Read it if you haven’t. Re-read it. Please pay attention. I only wish you well.

    • 2urbangirls says:

      Inglewood residents do trust D’artagnan and I also consider him a friend, which is why the minutes were so confusing, however, he and I have always disagreed on his involvement with Measure GG. He and others listed contacted me to say it wasn’t true. A review of LACOE’s meeting minutes from this week should exonerate them. They also appreciated this blog alwrting them.

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