Inglewood’s City Honors is a mess

IUSDCity Honors (CH), the dependent charter high school, within Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) finds themselves in quite a pickle.  Apparently the staff and counselors are jeopardizing the education of students attending, as indicated by the recent board agenda for El Camino College (ECC).  On Thursday, January 15th, the ECC Board of Trustees unanimously approved to approve the recommendation to sever ties with IUSD and to look for other districts to partner with.

El Camino College Board Trustees will meet at their regularly scheduled meeting, this Thursday, January 15th, with a staff recommendation to DISCONTINUE services to City Honors students, it has provided since Fall 2010.  This would translate to no moreECC courses for CH students.
The recommendation by Dr. Francisco Arce, who will be retiring from ECC in June of this year, cites the “…persistent and unresolved issues with CH administration and counseling staff…” which includes incomplete student files because CH administration did not complete the registration process for the students.
ECC insiders speculate that the agreement was made to supplement courses that Inglewood Unified are not providing, thus not making it possible for students to graduate with their AA degree, like others in the past.  ECC is also frustrated with the issues that the principal appears to have with their school.  ECC feels CH staff plays them and then L.A. Southwest College picks up the ball.  It also doesn’t help that CH does not have a permanent principal.Current Principal Thelma Brown was reached by phone where she explained:

she had no idea of the issues cited in Mr. Arce’s letter to ECC trustees and that classes are scheduled for the remaining of the 2014-15 SY and for Fall 2015.

You may recall Ms. Brown was at one point left as principal of City Honors then somehow managed to return to the position.  We also know the current counselor of City Honors is NOT credentialed and is an intern awaiting graduation.

Why would Ms. Brown refuse to work with El Camino College, considering Inglewood residents elect a trustee for ECC?  Brown referred me to Mr. Jim Garza, who did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Ironically, Dr. Brann was honored by El Camino in 2011 as a “distinguished alumni’.  Will Dr. Brann’s losing the ECC/IUSD partnership make their next “ECC Matters” newsletter?


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About City Honors

City Honors College Preparatory Charter School (CHCPCS) is a public, dependent  school in the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) serving approximately 400 students. It was established in the year 2001 as City Honors High School on the campus of West Los Angeles Community College. In 2010, City Honors became a dependent-public school. It is located in Inglewood, California, and is one of four high schools in IUSD. City Honors serves a rich diversity of students from both professional and working-class families. The school draws its student population predominantly from local feeder schools, surrounding school districts, charter schools, and local private schools.\n\nCity Honors College Preparatory Charter has a reputation for rigorous academics, with an excellent college preparatory program and a wide range of honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Additionally,  students have the opportunity to enroll in community college-level courses on campus through the Dual-Enrollment program. In past years, students have taken courses with Santa Monica College and El Camino College. During the 2012-2013 and 2013-204 school years, students enrolled in college courses on campus provided by Los Angeles Southwest College.

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