Who is the California State Board of Education

imageWith the June 3rd election days away efforts are ramping up with last-minute attempts to disparage candidates.  For the purpose of this article, we are focusing on the race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction who works WITH the State Board of Education (SBE).  The UCLA director of the Institute for Democracy, Education and Access, is suggesting SBE is the body who is running CDE, not the State Superintendent.  

The SBE is made up of 11 persons who are ALL appointed by Governor Jerry Brown and their current President, Michael Kirst, served under Brown in the mid ’70s.   The top two candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction appears to be current State Supe Tom Torlakson and former Green Dot CEO Marshall Tuck.

Torlakson has a history of aligning with the community when he championed the Sherice Iverson Law while serving in the State Assembly, while Tuck was hand-picked by former City of LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

This blog has been highly critical of the job Torlakson has been doing in relation to his office assuming control of the Inglewood Unified School District.  It wasn’t until I read the following that it is clear Torlakson is not making the decisions, SBE is.


Perhaps inquiries and concerns re: $29M unaccounted for dollars since the state assumed control of IUSD should be directed to SBE and if their board played a role in the takeover of IUSD?  The South Bay community was ecstatic when a young Palos Verdes high school student made it onto SBE.  Any chance his family is in oil and ready to drill under the Inglewood Unified School District?

The time has come to ask elected officials in the City of Inglewood to ban fracking with the assistance of the South Bay Environmental Services Center (SBESC aka SBCCOG).  Why are South Bay cities paying dues to an environmental agency that isn’t speaking out against fracking, which is occurring in 3/16 cities they represent?

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