Dominguez High School placed on probation by WASC

According to Compton Unified Trustee Micah Ali the word ‘turnaround’ is a noun meaning continually moving.  Compton Unified is moving but in which direction?  In an April press release, the district lauded the increased graduation rates at their three high schools: Centennial, Compton and Dominguez.  This week 2 Urban Girls learned one of them is on probation by WASC.  WASC is the governing body that determines the strength of schools tp meet students learning needs. WASC approves accreditation. Probationary status aka program improvement, leaves the door wide open for declined enrollment and opportunities for charter school operators.  Most for profit colleges are non accredited and the entire Inglewood Unified School District is identified as program improvement too.

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Among the cohort of students who started high school in California in 2012–13, 83.2 percent graduated with their class in 2016.

The numbers are higher for three Compton high schools.

Compton High School had an 89 percent graduation rate while both Centennial and Dominguez had an 87 percent graduation rate. The district enjoyed an eight percent increase in the graduation rate when compared to the 2014-15 year.

It truly is a great day in Compton. The graduation rate increases for our three schools is a further indication that the turnaround in the Compton schools is continuing and accelerating,” said Satra Zurita, Compton School Board President. “Congratulations to our administrators, teachers, families and, most importantly, our students for the success we are experiencing in Compton schools.”

Dominguez High School principal Stephen Franklin was recently notified, via letter, the school will be on probation through June 2018.  A huge blemish is the 90% attendance rate of the faculty.  How will the Compton Unified trustees respond, many of which are up for re-election next year?


CUSD Trustee Micah Ali reached out to 2 Urban Girls and shares Centennial has obtained accreditation through 2021.  Ali had no comment on Dominguez High.

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