Does the city of Compton need a whistle blower on the dais

At the regular city council meeting, many residents and visitors to the city were disturbed when they were greeted by LA County Sheriff’s in riot gear.  In addition to the hubbub of the Sheriff’s activities, video shows another embarrassing exchange between a resident and council member.  As the mayor called for order and admonished the resident, by ejecting two of them, the council member continued her tirade under the authority of the mayor.

Noel Aguilar was murdered by L.A. County Sheriff.  Mayor Aja Brown told those in attendance, “the council has no authority to either reprimand or investigate the activities of the Sheriff.”  Residents and concerned individuals peacefully protested in city limits, the prior weekend, and a few witnesses came forward to discuss how the deputies did not have their weapons safely secured, one was seen dropping his service revolver on multiple occasions.  One speaker stated the city’s biggest gang problem is the Sheriff.

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Marie Hollis, President of the Concerned Citizens in Compton, spoke of how her and members of her organization were peacefully protesting in front of city hall, prior to the start of the council meeting, yet Sheriff were hovering in riot gear.  Again, the mayor stressed the importance of safety in the city and perhaps the previous weekends events dictated how they presented themselves yesterday.

Joyce Kelly isn’t happy with the mayors travel itinerary especially with the number of potholes increasing by the day.

What’s interesting is the continued back and forth banter during public comment.  Council will not only talk back, but will also put your personal business out there too.

Lynn Boone came to the podium and all hell nearly broke loose.  Her and councilwoman Janna Zurita exchanged unpleasantries which led the councilwoman to discuss Ms. Boone performing community service with a nonprofit formerly run by Ms. Zurita’s mother.  The mayor would then eject both Lynn Boone and Joyce Kelly, noting “visitors” in the audience who shouldn’t have to be subjected to such “ignorance”.

But what is really disturbing is the recommendation to appoint Tana McCoy to the city council.  You will remember her as the long time city employee over city credit cards and testifying against former Mayor Omar Bradley, during his trial. It’s more disturbing his cousin formally recommended her to join the dais.

You can read the full involvement of Ms. McCoy in the taking down of Compton elected officials by clicking here.


Tonight the city council appointed Tana McCoy to represent the 3rd district.

**updated 1/31/2016**


Can a full time city employee also serve as a council person for the same city at the same time?  I view this as a conflict.
In Compton, a council person resigned before the end of her term which left a vacant seat on the council.  City Charter allows the council to appoint someone to fill that seat until the next election.  An application process was made available to interested persons and on Wednesday the council appointed someone to fill that vacant seat.  I just learned that the person appointed is also a full time Compton City employee.  Can this be allowed to happen?  If it is not allowed, please cite the appropriate section in your response.
Nothing in the Political Reform Act would restrict this. There may be laws outside of the FPPC’s purview (e.g., incompatible offices) that apply.  The link below should provide helpful information.



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  1. Diana Padilla says:

    The Compton School Board is in the process of appointing a member of their choice to be part of the governing body

  2. Joyce Kelly says:

    It is unethical for elected officials to slander and call the audience members names. It’s a violation of the Ralph M Brown Act for them to talk on subjects that aren’t on the agenda. Aja Brown makes rules as she goes.
    She allows her preacher, Michael Fisher, to bash and bad mouth spwskers, as well. He’s getting rich on his nonprofit status of the church.

  3. Robert Ray says:

    Will history repeat itself?

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