Does Gardena know they elected a racist

Paul Tanaka

Paul Tanaka has had a storied career of public service.  He has worked for the El Segundo PD and then transferred to the LA County Sheriff’s Department.  There he rose through the ranks and became Sheriff Lee Baca’s 2nd in command.  Paul Tanaka has alluded to running against Baca in the upcoming 2014 election.  But be advised, Tanaka, who is currently the Mayor of Gardena, was found to have a  “neo-Nazi” tatoo he received while working in Lynwood as a sheriff.  Is this why Gardena PD is so rude to minorities in the city?

Amid accusations he fostered a culture of abuse in the LASD, Tanaka was forced to step down in 2013.  In doing so, he hurled all kinds of accusations against Baca without shedding any light to his own transgressions.

[ Paul Tanaka describes Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca as confused, erratic ]

In a probe of the Jump Out Boys, a federal judge had this to say,

Historically, within the Sheriff’s Department, the groups have been tied to patrol stations. In one instance, a federal judge called one of those groups, the Lynwood Vikings, a “neo-Nazi, white supremacist gang” that had engaged in racially motivated hostility. As part of a 1996 settlement, the county agreed to retrain deputies to prevent such conduct and pay $7.5 million to compensate victims of alleged abuses.

Affiliation with such groups reaches the highest levels of the department, all the way up to Baca’s second-in-command, Paul Tanaka, who the sheriff acknowledged in an interview last year still had his Vikings tattoo.”

[ Tattoo in sheriff’s deputy clique may have celebrated shootings, sources say (2012) ]

Do you want a racist running the Sheriffs department, let alone a city?  Current census data from 2010 shows the City of Gardena is racially diverse.

Hispanics make up 37% of the city, whites and blacks make up 49% of the city while Asians make up 26%.  All we can say is be careful when driving through the City of Gardena.

[ Cries of Bias Follow Death of Korean at Hands of Law ]

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